DeWalt Table Saw Guide

 DeWalt Table Saw DW746 Woodworker 10-InchOne of the leading brands of power tools in the handyman’s arsenal is DeWalt, a reliable manufacturer of saws, drills, nailers, washers, and even heavy-duty work boots! But how does a DeWalt table saw stack up against all the rest, and what makes them a better option than other brands on store shelves? To give you an idea, here’s an overview of the main features and functions of DeWalt’s best table saws.

Heavy-Duty 10” Woodworker’s Table Saw – Model DW746

This DeWalt table saw has an accurate and dependable fence, which always delivers smooth action and solid locking, allowing your work to travel parallel to the blade so that precise adjustments are always quick and easy. The cast iron trunnion is solid and supportive, allowing your cutting performance to always remain accurate.

Blade height adjustments are also easily made with the blade elevation crank, as it has a large amount of hand clearance, and if you’re looking to make precise and accurate adjustments to the blade angle, there is a large and adjustable bevel scale and crank on the side.

For personal safety, there is a large and easily accessed power switch to eliminate dangerous fumbling, and there is also a dust collection port which makes it easy and convenient for you to simply attach a vacuum or dust collection system right to the saw table.

In fact, the DW746 also has a 1 ¾ hp induction motor, making this machine both powerful and space efficient – because unlike other table saws, the motor of this model is located in-board, taking it out your way and resulting in easy storage against the wall.

Heavy-Duty 10” Portable Table Saw with Stand – Model DW744S

The DW744S is a 15-amp machine with high-torque motor, enabling it to have the power to cut both hardwoods and pressure-treated lumber. Inside, there is a heavy-duty internal motor mechanism that actually stabilizes the arbor, which keeps vibration during use to a minimum.

The exclusive telescoping fence then delivers 24 ½” rip capacity without sacrificing the kind of portability you look for in a table saw with stand, and the telescoping rails can even retract within the saw top to make it even easier to move and store.

The rack and pinion design of this model makes fence adjustments quick, smooth and accurate, ensuring that the saw fence is constantly parallel to the blade – which itself is a 10” 24-tooth Carbide. This model also has a dust collection port that can easily attach to a vacuum for a cleaner work area and efficient cleanup of dust and debris.

10” Compact Job Site Table Saw – Model DW745

Smaller than other DeWalt table saws, the compact job site saw has a 15-amp motor that can quickly and easily rip through hardwoods, while the model’s 16” of rip can easily cut a wide variety of trim and large shelving materials.

The telescoping fence trails can also retract to create a small and portable machine, while the Rack & Pinion fence design itself can deliver consistent fence to blade parallel action. Then, the blade itself can be adjusted between 0-45 degrees for using the bevel applications.

The table itself has a specialized coating to reduce friction for smoother cuts, while the 24-tooth Carbide blade both prolongs the life of your blade and works to enhance the quality of your cuts. The DW745 is the epitome of compact table saws in the sense that it weighs only 45lbs, and can thus be very easily moved and carried on and off the job site.