Different Types of Lighting

Dichroic LightingLighting is very important in a home. Different types of lighting will affect the over-all appearance of a room. It is amazing what a dramatic change you can make in a room instantly with different types of lighting. The amount of light that comes into a room creates various shadows and even can set the mood for the room’s decor and use.

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is probably one of the most popular forms of lighting. Not only is natural lighting free but it creates a warm and inviting mood for virtually any room. There are several ways to achieve natural lighting in a room.

The primary way is through windows. Use minimal window dressings to allow natural light to enter. You can even use sky lights to brighten a room during the daylight hours. The only off-set to natural lighting is you need alternative lighting once the sun has set or the weather is cloudy.

Table Lamps

Table LampTable lamps are a resourceful use of lighting. Table lamps can be decorated in many different stands and shades to match virtually any room décor and theme. Additionally, you can put different wattage bulbs in table lamps to create the optimum amount of lighting for each room.

All of the rooms in the home do not have to have the same amount of lighting when you use table lamps. You can use more lamps for brighter light and fewer lamps for a darker room.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are also very popular. Floor lamps are terrific for laminating one particular area of the room. Floor lamps main focal points are the actual stands that they are on.

The shades play a significant role in the décor but primarily people notice the stands. You can create dramatic effects with moving floor lamps around to different areas of the room.

Spot Lights

Spot lights are great for drawing attention to one particular aspect of a room. For instance, a nice coffee table with treasured collectibles set on it can be the target of the spot light.

This will draw attention to the coffee table while also laminating the room. Some people use spot lights to reflect off of mirrors to open a room up and make it look larger and more inviting. Spot lights are also common in entry ways and foyer areas of the home.

Fluorescent Tube Lighting

Fluorescent tube lighting is very popular in kitchens and even some bathrooms. Many homeowners are turning to fluorescent lighting of all types to replace traditional light fixtures because fluorescent lighting can greatly reduce electric bills. The light is more even and people enjoy the consistency that the lighting brings to a room.

Chandelier Lighting

Chandelier lighting is primarily used in living rooms and dining rooms. Depending on the style of the chandelier they range in sizes, prices and the amount of lighting that they provide. Many homeowners use dimmer switches on chandeliers so that they can control the amount of lighting for various social gatherings that they hold in their homes.

Photos by Dominic Alves and Matt MacGillivray, Creative Commons Attribution License