Digital Appliance Timer

The dawn of the 21st Century has brought with it a huge number of technological advances that are designed to make life so much easier and yet so much safer at the same time. Many of the innovations have not achieved what they set out to do but there are huge numbers of new devices that have taken an old idea and just updated them for convenience and safety.

For example, if you like to leave your air conditioning on all day while you are at work, set up your digital timer so that it will turn off 10 minutes after you leave the house and turn back on 30 minutes before you get home. The savings on your energy bills will likely pay for the digital timer in no time.

Other Uses

Another use for it is to turn off all the electronics devices that are on standby- your Tivo, your laser printer, cell phone chargers, iPod dock, notebook computer, all draw power even when not turned on, just by being connected to their power supply units.

Many digital timers can be programmed not only on a 24 hour cycle, but also on 7 day cycles, so you can plan your weekends as well. And don’t forget the lights that you leave on for security reasons, when you’re on vacation or out of town.

The digital appliance timer may draw on new technology but it is based on a successful old idea. It is essentially a box that an appliance is plugged into. In turn, the timer itself is plugged into a socket and thus acts as a channel through which electricity flows in order to get to the appliance.

As it is responsible for conducting electricity through to the appliance, the timer can also cut off the supply of electricity and this is exactly what it does. As such, it improves the safety of all appliances around the house or business premises because they can be timed to automatically switch off.

Manual appliance timers have been around for years now and essential serve the same purpose as the digital appliance timer. Both are designed to time the flow of electricity to appliances and shut off said supply whenever the user desires.

However, the digital appliance timer makes it much more accurate because you can set it down to the exact second when the electricity supply should be shut off. Instead of having a dial to turn, all you have to do is program the keypad.

Appliance Timer Benefits

The digital appliance timer has a huge range of benefits that any individual using one can tap into. The first of these benefits is obviously the safety aspect. Not only does it prevent appliances overheating but can also make sure that the flow of electricity does not reach dangerous proportions.

The digital timer will shut off should a power surge occur for example, so it makes the use of appliances much safer than would otherwise be the case. Many of the latest digital appliance timers also have child protection settings so that you can be sure that your children cannot be harmed as a result of their use.

Another major benefit is the fact that you can control the energy use and thus your bills. If you have to go out and leave an appliance on for a certain period of time but are not in to switch it off then you are going to use more energy than you need to. This will increase your energy bills in turn.

The timer allows you to save an awful lot of money as a result and can encourage households to go green. Environmentally friendly tools are always welcome of course.