Purchasing Discount Kitchen Cabinets

Every so often, your kitchen needs a facelift, and the best way to change the look of your kitchen while not spending a bundle is to puchase discount kitchen cabinets. You can find stock discount kitchen cabinets or the custom-made variety, or you can transform the cabinets you already have.

Sometimes the best discount kitchen cabinets are the ones you already have, and it might be worth investing in a refacing or refinishing job before deciding you need brand new kitchen cabinets. Refacing is not very complicattd and usually takes 3-5 days to complete. A contractor will remove the cabinet and place new veneers on the doors. You can choose from wood, vinyl or laminates. Refinishing involves simply putting a new finish on your existing cabinets without having to remove them. You can choose from a variety of stains and paints and, you can decide whether to hire a professional or to do the job yourself.

Custom Door and Drawer Front Program
Rockler's Exclusive Custom Door Program lets you custom order unfinished doors and drawer fronts to create just the right look for your kitchen cabinets or furniture pieces!Click on the "More Info" tab for information on placing an order.

Custom Door and Drawer Front Program Custom Door and Drawer Front Program

The best value in discount kitchen cabinets are ready-made "stock" cabinets with set measurements and styles. These are not as high quality as custom made kitchen cabinets, and they may not be made exactly according to your plans, but you can find stock discount kitchen cabinets which my be virtually indistinguishable from the custom variety if you look around carefully enough. Another advantage of stock discount kitchen cabinets is they ship more quickly than the custom variety and are easy to inspect before you purchase them.

If you search and compare prices, you may be able to find custom discount kitchen cabinets, but most custom kitchen cabinets have the well-deserved reputation of being pricey. It is undeniable that custom made cabinets are the of highest quality, but to find discount kitchen cabinets in custom designs, you might have to find a craftsperson with less training and experience, perhaps an apprentice. There is some risk in this, since you may not get the discount kitchen cabinets you wanted, but at least they will be less expensive than regular custom cabinets.

Whichever discount kitchen cabinets you choose, make sure that you will be happy with the purchase in the long term. Kitchen cabinets are the foundation of every kitchen design, so it is important to choose discount kitchen cabinets which suit your taste and lifestyle.