Do-It-Yourself Cabinet Resurfacing

Sometimes it is better to re-do than re-place. If your old cabinets are looking a little worse for wear on the outside but they are clean and sturdy on the inside, it seems pointless to go ahead and replace all the cabinetry. Naturally, the exterior is subject to more wear and tear than the interior so you are bound to notice scuff marks, scratches and dents.

Laminate peels, handles come loose or break, or the whole kitchen could just look shabby and in need of a makeover. It can be tempting to rip the whole thing out and start over but do-it-yourself cabinet resurfacing is a very satisfying way to sort out the problem. Depending on the type of cabinets you have, you can make changes without the need for a tradesman, and you can do it fairly inexpensively.

Once you have changed the look of the exterior, you will be a whole lot happier about the interior and you will be so glad you did not waste the money it would take to replace all the cabinets. Do-it-yourself cabinet resurfacing can also be done in stages so you are not without your entire kitchen at once.

Resurface a couple of doors at a time so that the inconvenience is kept to a mininum. That way, you save dollars, you get to enjoy the work without causing a fuss, and you still get fed!

Save money and make money

If you are looking to sell your home, one of the biggest letdowns for potential buyers is to see a saggy, baggy kitchen that is less than inspiring to work in and eat in. Did you know that updating your kitchen can pay off to the tune of between 75 to 140 per cent?

Do-it-yourself cabinet resurfacing saves you money but it also helps you to make money because the kitchen will have a facelift and more than likely, much more wow factor than ever before. Doing the job yourself can save you up to 50 per cent, particularly when labor costs are so high.

Other people are doing it

Half of all kitchen makeovers in the U.S. are done by the owners, tools in hand, enthusiasm at heart. So if so many other people are doing it, do-it-yourself cabinet resurfacing must have a lot going for it.

It can be as easy or complicated as you want

You may have never picked up a hammer or screwdriver in your life, or you may be a mean machine when you buckle on a tool belt. Your skills level will dictate the kind of work you take on. Do-it-yourself cabinet resurfacing can be a matter of going to the hardware store or kitchen decorator and ordering new doors.

You can have them delivered, unscrew the old ones and attach the new ones. Some are ready-painted, some are left for you to paint. Or, if you are a wannabe carpenter or cabinetmaker, you can remove the old doors, sand them back, fill any dents or scratches, repaint, re-laminate, re-stain or whatever else it takes to bring them back to beautiful.

It Is Fun

Ok, it can be hard work, but do-it-yourself cabinet resurfacing can actually be enjoyable. You get to choose the finish, the colors, the handles and the overall look you want. Remember, it has to be functional. No sense installing gorgeous new high gloss white doors on your cabinets if you have toddlers who make a habit of smearing peanut butter on walls, or riding past on little trikes that should be outdoors. Think practical.

Imagine the satisfaction you will feel when you stand back at the end of the job and look at your new kitchen. It is a great idea to take before photos before you commence work, and then take photos afterwards to show the difference. It can be pretty easy to forget how drab something was once it has had a makeover. Do-it-yourself cabinet resurfacing is guaranteed to make you very pleased with yourself indeed.

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