Do it Yourself Hurricane Shutters

It seems as though hurricane season is far away. However, the smart resident of the hurricane zones in the world know that the squirrels have the right idea. Prepare early and prepare well. One of the smartest preparations is installing hurricane shutters. Your personal safety is, as always, the utmost concern but if you begin early you can keep your home and belongings much more secure when and if you should have to evacuate.

Do it yourself hurricane shutters are much less expensive then the costly cleanup after the fact. You will first have to take a good long look at your home and what it is built of as there are many more different designs for wood versus masonry block constructed homes. In wood frame homes it is a simple matter of nailing the shutters over the openings.

Masonry, however, will require some early preparations. Do it yourself hurricane shutters for masonry block buildings will have to be secured with bolts, brackets, screws or plastic anchors. If they are to be permanently outside, be sure to buy stainless steel or plastic to protect them from the long term affects of the weather.

Do it yourself hurricane shutters can be either permanent or temporary. The great thing about making them part of your home is that they are always there and ready in the event of a hurricane and it is a simple matter if shutting them. If you choose, instead, to have temporary shutters made, you may have to spend quite a bit of time gathering up supplies and securing the home at the last minute instead of concentrating on getting your family and pets out of harms way.

In fact the best bet if you have chosen to go with temporary shutters is to have them pre-built and stored in a safe place ready to put into place when the need arises. Do not forget that you will also need a drill and enough lag bolts or screws to secure them at the top, bottom and sides. Make sure that each shutter is labeled in a fashion that you can quickly and easily tell which shutter belongs to which window. This can be done with masking tape and a marker or you can permanently mark the wood itself.

At first, do it yourself hurricane shutters may look quite costly. Do it yourself hurricane shutters range in price from fifty dollars to sixty dollars per square foot of window. However, if you think back to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Andrew, you will see that when put into perspective the alternative would be far more costly with the potential for damage to your possessions or harm to your family if you choose to remain in the home during a hurricane. Damage can occur by blown debris, shattered glass and water damage. The do it yourself hurricane shutters will reduce the amount of potential damage to your home, possessions and to you and your family.

Patterns for do it yourself hurricane shutters can be found online as well as at your local building supply store. The people working at home improvement centers are usually quite helpful and knowledgeable and very willing and able to give advice on tools and specifications. Do it yourself hurricane shutters can be as simple as a piece of plywood bolted into place. It can also include slats and decorative molding for a stunningly beautiful, decorative yet serviceable addition to the home.

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