Do It Yourself Reglazing

If your bathroom looks old and outdated, the state of your bathtub may be to blame. Scuffs, water-damage and worn tile or porcelain makes your bathroom look tired and aged. However, this problem is easily solved with do it yourself reglazing.

This process will resurface the bathtub without the need to remove it from your bathroom. There are do it yourself reglazing kits available at home improvement stores in order to help you through the process, or you can have it done professionally by a contractor.

Benefits of Tub Reglazing

When you cannot afford to totally replace your bathtub, do it yourself reglazing is the way to go. A reglazing will allow you to get the look of a new bathtub without paying the price. You can save yourself hundreds of dollars by reglazing rather than replacing the bathtub in your home. Reglazing can also be done without having to remove the bathtub out of your home to replace it. The whole process can be accomplished with the bathtub in one spot.

Do it yourself reglazing will also allow you to change the look and feel of your bathroom. You can change to the color of your bathtub when you do the reglazing. White and off-white reglazing kits cost around $150, and for a fraction more you can select a custom color.

A new color for your bathtub will brighten the look of your bathroom. When you are reglazing you can also add a textured bottom to your bathtub to prevent slipping. This is especially helpful if you have small children or take care of an aging parent.

Special Considerations for Do It Yourself Reglazing

When you buy a do it yourself reglazing kit, there will be specific instructions for the process. However, most follow the same pattern.

Experts say the most important step in reglazing is starting with a clean surface. If you are reglazing a bathtub that has not been used in a while, make sure to clean it thoroughly. The do it yourself reglazing process will not last as long and not look as good if your bathtub is unclean. Use an abrasive cleaner with a scrubbing pad, and use a razor blade to remove the caulking and any soap stains.

The process of do it yourself reglazing requires that you protect your bathroom and yourself adequately. There are harsh chemicals involved in reglazing. You should cover the floors with plastic sheathing secured with duct tape. Protect the taps and faucets with plastic bags. Make sure the bathroom is well ventilated, and use a fan to circulate the air. A full-face respirator is also a top priority for this process.

Taking Care of Your Reglazed Bathtub

After all of the work you did in your do it yourself reglazing project, you will no doubt want to keep the results looking as good as possible for a long time. To ensure that the reglazing looks great from the start do not use the bathtub for at least 24 hours after the project is done. Your reglazing kit will specify how long you need to wait before use.

Keep soaps, sponges and washcloths off of the new surface by using a shower rack. When you clean the new surface of your bathtub, use a spray cleaner and a sponge. Avoid all abrasive cleaners and scrubbing pads. Finally, wax your bathtub with a standard auto wax 10 days after the reglazing project, and then every four months. This will keep the surface looking new for years to come.