Do It Yourself Sun Rooms

Tibetan Monastery Sun RoomBuilding your own sunroom using a kit can save you a considerable amount of time and money over traditional contractor installation. On average, it will require one weekend of work, and will save you thousands of dollars, cutting out the middle man with factory-direct delivery. Do it yourself sunrooms are delivered up to 90% pre-assembled.

Full-height wall glazing and convertible windows with glazing spans from floor-to-ceiling, making it easy to convert to a screen room, and the do it yourself sunroom fixes directly to existing decks or patios, eliminating the need for special foundations, using shatter-resistant, maintenance-free materials. Summer shades and winter blankets are optional exterior reflective materials that block 98% of the sun's radiation to keep you cool, and interior insulating reducing heat loss by 50% during winter.

Glass and Screen

Glass and Screen sunroom kits come in many sizes, from 10 feet by 8 feet to 20 feet by 12 feet, in two foot increments, at prices from $5000 to $8000. They use aluminum framing with window side jambs, header, and sill. Some have a side slider nylon roller design.

This type of sunroom is designed for three season use, with panoramic views (windows corner-to-corner), and features baked-on enamel finish, eliminating the need for painting. This finish provides impact, corrosion, and mar resistance.

Window styles available for glass and screen sunrooms are horizontal sliding, awning type architectural, vertical sliding, and vinyl pane. These window styles can be purchased in white or walnut colors. You may even add sliding glass doors, and choose to have an open air sunroom, or to purchase a flat or gabled roof.


Screen sunrooms combine the feeling of being outdoors with the comfort and convenience of being indoors. You can entertain friends and family without the worry of insects or unpredictable weather. You can enjoy additional living space filled with fresh air, sunshine, and fun, all for about $4000 to $7000. Screen rooms are expandable; you can upgrade simply and easily to glass and screen when your budget permits. They come with ten year warranties on all parts.

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