Do It Yourself Tile Countertop

Some home builders are not known for putting the nicest accessories into their houses. Usually the buyers of these homes are able to spend a good amount of time and money in an effort to get their homes as fashionable as possible despite the choices made by the builders. This is particularly true in the kitchen, when we see flooring, appliances, and cabinets that do not match at all.

If you have been given this unfortunate gift by the person that built your home, you will find that it is easy to solve through replacing the counter tops. There are many ways that you can install a tile countertop in your kitchen on your own, without the assistance of any professionals.

A More Elegant Looking Kitchen

At any home improvement store, you can find the kits required to install a tile countertop on your own. In general, the process is fairly consistent between the different brands. First you will have to remove your old countertop. If your old countertop is of a higher quality, then you will definitely need some assistance in removing it.

Quality countertops are usually very heavy, so you probably will not be able to just lift it right off on your own. Once you have the original counter out of the picture, it is time to move in the new tile countertop. You can affix it in the same way that the last counter was attached, which is usually accomplished through interlocking boards, adhesive, sheer weight, or a combination of the three.

Countertop Bases

You want to make completely sure that your countertop is sturdily attached to the base. It would be disastrous to install a beautiful new counter and have it collapse the moment it is carrying a full load. So when you install the counter, check the base area thoroughly to make sure that you have not disrupted the setup in any way.

If one piece gets loose, it will lead to the entire structure being unsuited for carrying large weights. You may also use more methods of attaching the counter than are recommended by the installation booklet. It is recommended to always use some sort of wood adhesive on the base and counter before you screw it on.

Besides just being a way to make your kitchen more attractive, a new tile countertop can also be easy to clean. Many older countertops are made of materials that do not wipe as easy as modern surfaces, so you may find that cleaning up after dinner is a lot quicker and easier. A new counter can also give you added space to do all of your business on. Even if it just protrudes an inch further than your old one, you will immediately notice the difference in the available space.