Do-It-Yourself Backsplash Options

While some people will settle for painting or wallpapering their backsplash, this simple and very low cost method is generally not recommended for kitchen renovations – wallpaper will stain easily and wear down over time, and even just leaving paint as a backsplash will sooner or later start looking like an aged cutting board, only with more water spots, darker stains, and less kitsch value. Instead, why not choose one of these easy, do-it-yourself backsplash options?

Tile Backsplash

Arguably the most popular backsplash choice, the tile backsplash is easy to clean and has an enormous variety of products to choose from. You can try anything from patterned tiles to themed tiles, which is good in a kitchen that is trying to convey a theme. These are installed the same way as any ceramic tiles, using grout and sealer to preserve your tiles for years to come.

Mosaic Backsplash

In the same vein as the tile backsplash, the mosaic option allows you to choose a variety of shapes and colors to create a unique, artistic expression that just happens to double as your kitchen backsplash.

This option is best carried off by someone who is looking to create a very distinct look, and in most cases it will be installed similarly to a tile backsplash since the pieces will also be ceramic.

Glass Tile Backsplash

Creating a clean, brilliant shine, a glass tile backsplash can allow you to maintain the look of your wallpaper or paint job while preserving it from gradual disintegration.

Clear glass tiles are an excellent option for anyone who doesn’t need additional decoration on their backsplash – just get the glass up, seal the edges, and you’re good to go.

Stainless Steel Backsplash

A stainless steel backsplash is the newest trend in kitchen décor, since it allows the kitchen to keep that crisp, minimalist appearance, and is great for matching the pulled-together look of stainless steel appliances.

The only issue for keeping it clean is avoiding water spots and fingerprints, but there are some excellent low-cost products on the market today that help to keep stainless steel looking sleek and shiny.

Copper or Tin Backsplash

If your kitchen is more rustic-looking or you’re trying for an old-world European theme, a tin or copper backsplash will do about the same thing as stainless steel: it’ll be easy to clean, and won’t add too much extra distraction to the room décor. If you want a minimal bit of decoration, try a stamped tin backsplash, as there are many of design choices available.

Soapstone Backsplash

The unique look of soapstone is only matched by its high quality and incredible durability. The material should last for years, and it is easily cleaned and avoids stains.

It is somewhat more difficult to install, but not by much – and you need to know that it will be permanent, unless you want to repaint or paper the area behind the backsplash later. Otherwise, it is an excellent choice for that high-end kitchen appearance.

Slate or Chalkboard Backsplash

Great for busy or on-the-go families, a chalkboard backsplash is a little more work to install but very practical. A black background, painted over with blackboard paint that’s available at your local hardware store will create a functional space to write messages and notes to other members of the household – where they can’t help but see it!

It’s also easy to clean – just wipe off with a wet or dry cloth and you’re done! It would be a good idea to re-paint the area about once a year, or when the chalk doesn’t wipe off as easily – otherwise, it’s a great choice for families.