Do It Yourself Deck Seats

To spruce up the look of your back yard deck, try adding a few new deck seats. For the do it yourselfer this is a perfect opportunity to show your stuff. This article will give you some basic steps to help walk you through the process of creating these attention grabbers.

Making the Base for a Moveable Seat

Let’s begin with the base. You will need four 4 x 4 pieces of scrap wood cut to the dimensions you have chosen for the size of your seats. (There will need to be a base for every three feet of bench.)

For this you can use a table saw or miter saw to make sure the cut is precisely square. Place the pieces on a flat surface so that you can drill the pilot holes for the washers and lag screws. Now fasten these pieces together.

Attaching the Seat Face

For this step you will need to cut the 2 x 2 or 2 x 4’s that you have chosen for the seat face. You will also need to choose how wide you would like the gap between the boards to be. They are usually 1/8” to ½” inch in diameter.

By leaving a gap you will be enabling any water that may land on the seats a way to drain, thus lessening water damage. Working on a flat surface place your boards as straight as possible and begin attaching the end boards with decking screws to the frame.

Finishing your Deck Seat

Make sure the screw heads are about 1/8th of inch below the wood surface. Use two pieces of ¼ trim boards and attach them with decking screws onto the seat and base.

Take fine sandpaper and rub the seat carefully, with a rougher sandpaper or router to sand down the edges eliminating any sharp edges.

Now you are ready to place your choice of stain on the seat. Be sure to also add a coat of water sealer to the deck seat when it is finished.

Making a Permanent Deck Seat

To do this you can follow the above steps, then attaching the seats to the deck. Use carriage bolts to attach the supports to the decking for added security. You will need to use a new support for every 4 feet of bench.

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