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Do It Yourself Regrouting

You may have decided the tiles in your home don’t need to be replaced but the grout is old and dingy. Do it yourself re-grouting is a process that takes time but it isn’t very expensive. It is a great way to touch up some areas of your home including the tiles in your entryway or those in your shower.

In many instances you will find taking the time to re-grout will prevent tiles from falling off and breaking. If the tiles are in your bathroom you need to re-grout them when you notice problems to prevent mold and mildew from building up. If the problem is allowed to continue water that gets into the area behind the tiles can really create serious health issues.

Getting the Surface Ready

It is important to get the surface ready when you plan to engage in any do it yourself re-grouting project. This isn’t a process of simply putting more grout on top of the old grout. Look for a quality grout removal product that you can use to remove dirt, debris, soap, and other forms of film from the area. Make sure you only use these grout removal products in a well ventilated area.

There are various tools available at your local hardware store for the specific purpose of removing old grout. Don’t just use a screwdriver or other tool you have around the house. They can easily damage the tiles while you are trying to remove the grout.

Take the time to remove all of the old grout that you can so it doesn’t build up behind the new grout. The cleaner surface you have to work with, the better results you will get with any do it yourself re-grouting project.

Selecting the Right Grout

Make sure you have purchased the right type of grout for the project. It also needs to be a color that will blend in well with the overall look of the tiles. You will find grout in an array of colors so this shouldn’t be too difficult of a feat to accomplish.

It may help if you take a chunk of the old grout along with you when you go shopping to ensure it is a very close match. If the grout in your home hasn’t been replaced in years you may not be able to find the exact color.

Grout is found in forms that are either sanded or un-sanded. Some types of tiles can be scratched by sanded grout so find out before you purchase it to use. Marble tiles should never be something you use sanded grout on as it will ruin them.

A good rule of thumb is to use sanded grout if the distance between the tiles is more than 1/8” wide and the tile won’t be damaged by it. If the space is smaller than that you should stick with grout products that don’t contain sand.

Applying the Grout

Once you are ready for the actual application of grout, damped small areas with a damp cloth. Make sure you fill each area around the tiles with sufficient grout to seal it. To get a uniform look use your finger to smooth it out along the joints.

Remove excess grout from the tiles immediately so it doesn’t have the time to dry. To get the most life from do it yourself re-grouting projects, you will want to add a coat of sealer to it.

It can be very cost effective to complete do it yourself re-grouting. The products you need aren’t very expensive, you just have to invest your time to complete the project. The time is well worth it though because this will prevent more expensive and more time consuming projects to have to be completed in the future.

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