Dog Urine Removal

We all love our dogs but they can have their problems and urinating inside the house is certainly one of them. They may do this to mark their territory, because of incontinence, or just because they can. They might even do it out of a sense of rebellion – because they know they are not supposed to. Whatever the reason, we need a method of dog urine removal.

The quicker the mess gets cleaned up, the more pleasant the task will be. It's also less likely that stains will set permanently; this is especially true in areas that have carpet. What you see on the surface of the carpet is only part of the damage.

The urine and its odor go through the carpet and into the padding and subfloor. So, even if you can't see it or smell it, your dog or another dog, with his or her superior sense of smell, yearns to pee there again just to mark their territory. Simply stated, this spot can become a recurring problem.

Urine Removal Basic Steps (When Caught Right Away)

The best solution is to buy a carpet cleaning appliance, one of those that jets out soapy water and then vacuums it back up. These are very handy if you have a lot of carpet, and, as opposed to renting one periodically, it will pay for itself over time and will be close at hand when you need it.

If you don't have one, follow these steps. Begin by soaking up the urine using a white cotton towel or regular paper towels. Blot the wet spot; don't rub it because rubbing it has been known to damage carpet fibers. This is especially true in areas that get repeated abuse.

Clean the spot starting with a radius on the outside of the stained area and blot moving inward. Then rinse the entire area with tap water. This will dilute the pee. Next blot the spot again using fresh, clean towels. Repeat the foregoing steps again but this time use club soda.

Now take out all the liquid that remains using towels. Place heavy objects on them to assist in this operation. When you get out all you can, place a fan so that it blow air on the spot. Leave it there overnight. Even when it feels dry to the touch it will still be moist in the padding under the carpet. If the carpet or remains moist, it can can result in mildew, mold, and eventual decomposition.

Removing Older Urine Odor

When the damage has been done previously and is dry you will not be able to use the above method. At this point the urine is breaking down chemically and no amount of re-wetting will do the trick.

The first thing to do is locate the area(s); it might be bigger or in more spots than you think. How do you do this? Simple; pull the drapes, turn off the lights, and go over the floor with a black light. The affected areas will glow.

The one thing that you can be sure of is that the padding is ruined. Pull the carpet off the tack strips and roll it up past the affected area. Using the black light again, mark the ruined padding. Now you will need to cut it out and, clean the subfloor and replace the padding.

You can now roll the carpet back, stretch it, and hook it back onto the tack strips. At this point you will need to use a commercial chemical treatment on the carpet itself.

This covers dog urine removal. The best solution, of course, is to prevent it to begin with. This is accomplished with good house-breaking and frequent walking, especially with older dogs.