Double Ended Tubs

Double ended tubs offer an arresting symmetrical appeal to the visual presence of a bathroom. Neck rests at both ends accommodate bathing for two, and highlights like clawfoot and lion's paw accents lend a romantic air to this type of high-end bathroom accoutrement.

You can find double ended tubs in sizes ranging from 60 inches up to 72 inches and in both acrylic and cast iron. Cast iron double ended tubs are covered in a porcelain veneer and both acrylic and cast iron tubs feature a centered faucet placed in the middle of the tub so that either bather may comfortably access it.

Accents for both acrylic and cast iron double ended tubs include clawfoot lion's paw feet in a variety of finishes: chrome, brass, polished nickel, or you can select feet in beautifully simple white porcelain.

Fans of acrylic double ended tubs maintain they are lighter, smoother to the touch, and last longer than cast iron tubs, which have a propensity for nicking of the porcelain finish. Acrylic tubs also feature a non-porous surface that resists stains and does not hold odors.

But cast iron tubs also have their supporters: The porcelain on cast iron can be repaired, whereas damaged acrylic tubs cannot. Cast iron bathtubs also retain an authentic feel to bathrooms in homes where a true antique look is desired.

Prices vary with both acrylic and porcelain-veneered cast iron tubs - anywhere from around $1,000 all the way up to $5,000 and more, depending upon size, materials, fittings, and other characteristics.

If you're purchasing online, it's also wise to keep in mind the weight involved. Although they are lighter than cast iron, acrylic tubs still weigh a lot and shipping can be prohibitive. Look for dealers offering free shipping, which many online retailers feature for new customers.

A well made double ended bathtub can turn your bathing area into a spa-like retreat, so make sure you shop with care. Some well-known, reputable manufacturers include American Bath Factory, Sunrise Specialty, Elizabethan Classics, and Strom Plumbing. Make sure that any tub you consider comes with a guarantee and if installation help is needed, contact a licensed, bonded, and insured professional.

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