Applying Drywall Filler Coating

Begin by filling your compound pan half full of mud (joint compound). Using your 6 inch joint knife held at a low angle to the wall, spread mud over the fastener rows such that the mud is compressed into the nailhead dimples.

Now scrape the extra compound from the surface of the drywall, with a stroke perpendicular to the direction you used to apply it. The knife blade should be held at about 45 degrees angle to the wall.

After this step is complete, you want to be left with nothing on the wallboard except the mud in the nail dimples, which should be flush with the rest of the wallboard surface.

Start with the sidewalls and then proceed to the ceiling. As you go along the fastener rows, any dents or scrapes in the wallboard surface you see should be also be filled the same way as the nailhead dimples.

Valley Joints

The long edges of gypsum drywall boards are manufactured with a slightly depressed taper. When two wall boards are installed side by side, these form a recess, or valley which allows joint tape paper to be applied to form a flush joint between the two boards. Finishing these joints will be our next step.

Fill the valley with a generous helping of mud, using a 6-inch joint knife held at a low angle to the wall. Fill the whole length of the valley joint.

Now cut a length of joint tape to match the length of the valley joint. Place the tape into the mud with your hand. Now use the 6-inch knife in your other hand to press the tape into the valley bottom, working your way along the joint, while still using your fingers to keep the tape from moving.

What you are aiming for is to force the tape into the bottom of the valley so that it sticks to the wallboard but still has some compound beneath it, and is completely buried in the mud.

Do not leave any blisters or bubbles underneath the tape. If you run out of tape in the middle of a valley joint, use at least a 3 inch overlap with the new strip.

When you are done with putting the tape in place, apply another coat of compound over the valley joint, completely covering the tape, but not filling the valley joint completely. Remove the excess compound from the wallboards with a 12-inch joint knife.

Now on to coating the Link Textinside corner joints.