How to Apply Drywall Knock Down Finish

There’s so much you can do to give your walls more eye appeal, rather than going for a flat panel look. Liven them up with a 3-dimensional drywall knock down finish. Of course, there are several other finishes you could choose, such as orange peel, stucco, popcorn, splatter and mud, but this article will deal with knock down.

Where to use drywall knock down finish

It’s not going to be suitable everywhere. Because of the up-and-down texturing, you should probably steer clear of any raised finishes on walls where dirt will accumulate more readily than elsewhere. Garages are notorious for grime because they are often used as workshops so dirty hands abound and so do exhaust fumes from cars entering and exiting.

Stick to areas of the home where a decorative finish is desirable and where accumulation of grime is not as likely. Your dining room, living room and bedrooms are ideal, but avoid using drywall knock down finish in small spaces such as narrow hallways because it can add to a closed-in feel.

Do it Yourself

Installing the drywall itself is most definitely a handyman job but if you feel it’s beyond your capabilities, then use a contractor. Decorating, however, is within the realms of a DIY-er. With the right equipment which you can hire for a weekend at a reasonable cost, you can apply your drywall knock down finish without too much difficulty.

Any decent tool hire center will have a portable texture sprayer to offer. They can even spray a wide array of primers and paints; just what we like to see, multifunction tools!

Adding the Texture

    • Mix your coating mixture up according to the directions on the pack but when applying a knock down finish, you may need to make it a tad looser so that it will flow efficiently through the hopper. Less powder makes the mixture more loose.

    • Your hire center staff should have given instructions on the right compressor pressure to use but start with around 30psi and use the largest tip opening to begin with.

    • Apply the mixture to the drywall liberally and uniformly. Ensure that no more than a quarter inch of space is allowed to be void of material.

    • Only cover as much space as you will manage to return to within 15 minutes to create the knock down effect otherwise the mixture will begin to set and won’t be easy to work with.

    • Take a plastic trowel and knock down the area you have covered. Use a figure 8 or ‘x’ motion to create a non-directional finish. Keep a clean trowel handy and wet it to clean the blade of buildup.

    • Maintain the trowel at 45° to the wall and try not to flatten the mixture into large areas of smooth finish.

Practice makes Perfect

It’s a good idea to experiment with knock down finish before you start on the real surfaces. It will help you to determine the right pressure, not just for the hopper but also for the trowel when you begin the next step. Use a real surface – not a piece of spare drywall – for practice because you’ll get a real feel for the equipment and the actions needed to apply the finish. A good suggestion is inside your closet.

Don’t be put off by the idea of applying drywall knock down finish. It can be a little fiddly but you’ll find that once you get started, it will all make sense and you’ll be a dab hand at it in no time.

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