Drywall Ceiling Textures

One of the ways you can spruce up any room is by taking the plain, blank slate of a ceiling and adding drywall ceiling textures to it. This helps the room come alive and is a low-cost way to add your own special touch to your home. There are a number of ways you can add drywall ceiling textures; take a look at some of the more common ones.

Knockdown Texture

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to add a drywall ceiling texture is to apply a knockdown texture. Knockdown textures can dramatically change a room appearance and simplify wall repairs.

The term knockdown comes from one of the final steps in applying the texture when you use a wide knife to knock down and flatten the peaks of the texture applied to the ceiling. This step gives the texture its stucco-like appearance. To texture the walls and ceiling of an average room, the rental sprayer, the joint compound and knockdown knife will set you back only about $70 - $80, and you will be finished in less than a day.

Spray-on Acoustical Texture

A second popular drywall ceiling texture is an acoustical spray-on texture that is found in many homes. This texture serves to help dampen noise transference between floors and rooms by helping to absorb some of the sound.

Most acoustical textures are sprayed on and left to dry for a period of 24-hours. There is no follow-up necessary and the total cost for the project is $50-$60 depending on how big the room is.

Make your Own

If you are looking to get creative consider making your own drywall ceiling texture. Popular with kids rooms and home offices you can express yourself through different textured designs you can put right on your ceiling. This procedure entails using a standard texture product, such as acoustical, and then using sponges and other detail instruments to create designs before it has hardened and dried.

You can even be ultra-creative and use colored paints to create a mosaic approach or through the use of different hues of certain colors create a fading effect across the ceiling. Though this type of texture project requires a little more time than the others, the cost is relatively low with the exception of the various paints you might have to purchase.

Drywall ceiling textures serve as a decorative accent to any room that also can help with noise abatement and repairs that you want to keep hidden. An easy do-it-yourself project; the average person will be able to complete in less than a day.

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