Decorative Wallboard

Decorative wallboards are panels that can be affixed directly to wall studs or can be used as the outer layer over gypsum boards. They can also be used for demountable partitioning systems. One of the most pleasing attributes is that decorative wallboards, being prefinished, mean that it's not necessary to build the wall and apply a wall covering product.

For good looks as well as economical benefits, decorative wallboards are available in a range of colors, durability and textures, yet it performs like gypsum wallboard. What gives it its beauty is a smooth vinyl covering that is applied in the manufacturing process. It's an "off-the-rack" material meaning that you can order it one day and receive it the next. It doesn't have to be manufactured to order.

There are plenty of designs to choose from and styles and colors are introduced on a regular basis to keep up with current trends. Decorative wallboards are available in textures, wood grains, floral patterns, stripes and leather-look. Customers can also have decorative wallboards made to order by having the manufacturer produce a co-ordinating color or design to match materials already planned for use.

Another excellent feature of decorative wallboards is that they are composed of non-combustible gypsum and the surface is no greater than 1/8" thick. The flame spread is 50 or less, so this is a panelling product that can be used with confidence as a fire resistant wall material.

Vinyl benefits

The 4-grade vinyls used for the surface of decorative wallboards are high quality and have been manufactured using light-stable pigments and compounds. Fading and other compromising of color properties is minimized considerably.

Easy care

With excellent abrasion resistance properties, decorative wallboard panels are a logical choice for high-wear spaces. They are easily cleaned using a damp cloth or sponge, or for heavier soiling, try a mild soap or other non-abrasive cleaner. Be sure to rinse with water and dry thoroughly.

Decorative wallboards are perfect for baby's nursery, the kitchen, bathroom and children's play rooms. They don't need resurfacing and will last for many years without losing their color and even grubby little fingerprints will wipe right off!

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