Priming New Drywall

Some people feel like drywall surfaces in new construction shouldn't need a layer of primer before it is painted. The fact is, however, paint will go on much more evenly and look better if you go to the trouble to apply a layer of primer to the wall first.

If you fail to do this step, the walls will soak up paint in different amounts depending on whether it is covering joint compound or sheet rock. For best results, prime the surface first.

How to Remove Drywall

Drywall Removed from Ceiling of Bathroom There are many reasons why a homeowner may decide to remove drywall from their home, but this project should not be undertaken without understanding the proper way to remove drywall. Removing drywall can be a messy process that can take a good deal of time, so forget what you have seen on television about scores of people driving hammers and other tools into the wall to remove drywall quickly.

In order to properly remove drywall, there are steps that should be taken in an orderly fashion to complete the project and minimize the amount of mess that is created.

Choosing Sheetrock Thickness

Modern sheetrock products provide a quick, easy and economical way to produce a uniform finish on a masonry wall, stud-partition or ceiling before decorating it. Sheetrock is available in various types and sizes; and choosing and buying an appropriate sheetrock thickness for the job at hand is essential.

Compared to the practice required to perfect ‘wet’ a plastering technique, any reasonably experienced DIY home enthusiast can work with sheetrock, also known as drywall, to attain a surface good enough for decorating.

Main Types of Sheetrock and Their Thicknesses

Finishing Drywall Screws is Important

There is nothing like standing back and looking at your first drywall project. The fact that just a few days ago you were standing in a half-finished room of joists, studs and exposed insulation that you have since transformed into something that actually looks like a room is very satisfying.

How to Texture Sheetrock Walls

There are some nice tricks to help you with how to texture sheetrock walls. Many homeowners love the dramatic look and feel to texture sheetrock walls in their homes. You can create some very dynamic and dramatic wall looks using texture sheetrock walls instead of traditional flat, painted sheetrock walls. Additionally, textured sheetrock walls help to hide any taped areas and edging areas of the walls.

Cleaning Considerations