Paneling over Gypsum Wallboard

Gypsum wallboard is traditionally used in homes as the backboard for paneling, fabrics, wallpaper and even tiling. Some homeowners feel a little intimidated when paneling over gypsum wallboard but the process does not have to be complicated or complex. Following some simple guidelines will create huge success for paneling over gypsum wallboard.

Installing Wallboard

Your first step for paneling over gypsum wallboard is to actually put up the wallboard. Traditionally, paneling over gypsum wallboard is sold in four feet by eight feet sheets and is approximately one-half inch in thickness.

Drywall Rolled Texture Techniques

There are a few different interesting drywall rolled texture techniques that you can use for both your ceilings and your walls in your home. Adding drywall texture to one or several rooms of your home can add a dynamic effect to the room and create the feel of being in a completely new room. Depending on which of the drywall rolled texture techniques that you use will determine the look and effect that you can achieve.


Sanding Joints in Sheetrock

When sheetrock (drywall is the gypsum board product and Sheetrock is a brand name, but the two words have come to be interchangeable) is hung, or installed, the joints are exposed and the nail or screws dimple the paper face of the sheetrock. Then begins the taping and floating process. To start with, drywall tape is applied to the joints and all the inside corners.

There are two types of drywall tape, the original paper type, and the newer fiberglass or plastic mesh type. The newer mesh type is preferred because of its superior holding power (the mud penetrates the mesh) and because of the fact that it has an adhesive on one side so it is easier to apply.

Installing Drywall near Windows

Drywall is the most frequently used substance for walls, and is actually a compound of calcium sulfate that has been ground at the factory into a fine powder. They add moisture to the calcium sulfate powder to form a paste.

The paste is then pressed flat between two sheets of paper and allowed to harden and dry. Installing drywall near windows is not as complicated as it might first appear. Follow these tips and you should do fine with installing drywall near windows.


Gypsum Drywall Installation

Gypsum drywall is one of the most popular forms of drywall that is used in homes today. It is relatively easy to install and you can apply wall paper or paneling over it. Additionally, after your gypsum drywall installation is complete you can even paint it.

Gypsum Drywall Background

Gypsum drywall may be an unfamiliar term to a lot of people, even though it is one of the most popular wall coverings today. Gypsum drywall is a powdery compound that has been made into a paste.