Taping And Mudding Corners

taping and mudding corners of living roomYou can save a lot of money when mudding corners by doing it yourself instead of hiring a professional. Mudding corners is not hard to do, and if you take your time, you can do a superb job yourself using a few common tools and a bit of skill. You will need paper or mesh tape, your mud, a joint knife, and a sander and sand paper to complete this job.

Installing Drywall around A Bathtub

If you are installing drywall around a bathtub, there are a few things you would wish to avoid if you do not wish to have costly repair bills in the future. When installing drywall around a bathtub, you should take great care to ensure that it's not only installed properly, but that you also protect it from leaks and dampness.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

By protecting your drywall properly when installing drywall around the bathtub, you not only provide protection for the drywall; but you also provide protection for your walls and floor. Improperly installed drywall can cause water to accumulate on your floors as well as in your walls, possibly causing major water damage.

Drywall Installation Methods

Drywall remains an extremely popular wall surface for its durability, versatility and inexpensive price range. Drywall installation methods include good planning so that no mistakes are made during the process. Many installers will make s sketch of the areas that will be covered with drywall so that any planning errors can be detected ahead of time. All drywall installation methods require that an assessment be made of what type of drywall will be needed.

In places where moisture may be a problem, a water-resistant drywall should be used. This type of drywall is usually made water-resistant by a covering of green finish paper.

How to Drywall Over Paneling

Paneling is a sure way to date a room, and many homeowners now choose to learn how to drywall over paneling for an updated look. When deciding how to drywall over paneling, it is important to first choose the thickness of drywall that you will be installing.

Fire Resistant Drywall

They may look just like regular drywall, but these panels are even more effective a barrier against fire than regular drywall. Fire resistant drywall is a specialized product having a gypsum core containing glass fibers and other non-combustible materials. The fibers act as reinforcement as well, helping to keep the board from disintegrating as easily as regular drywall.