How to Install Drywall Corner Bead

The process of finishing a room is filled with many steps that most people never knew existed, and includes the process of installing something called drywall corner beads. Most people take for granted the fact that their corners are seamless, and do not realize the effort that went into creating them. Corner bead is a thin piece of steel bent at a 90 degree angle down it's length which covers the gap between sheets of drywall where they meet at an outer corner.

If you are building a house or finishing the basement, you should be able to properly apply drywall corner bead. It will make your rooms look better and more professional. So here are a few ways you can apply drywall corner bead like a pro.

Drywall Taping

Drywall is a common trick of the trade when it comes to providing interior wall surfaces. As a result of its quick and easy application, known as hanging, drywall has become an industry standard, and is commonplace for those looking to renovate a house or apartment.

One tricky aspect of hanging drywall arises from finishing the corners. Trying to match the drywall professionally can be quite difficult, but with techniques such as drywall taping, this can be greatly simplified. In this article we will look at some tips and techniques as well as a basic how to of drywall taping.

What you will need

Skip Trowel Drywall Texture Tips

When finishing a room, there are several methods of creating the ceiling texture. You can either apply a flat paint to the ceiling or you can use the skip trowel drywall texture tips. The drywall skip trowel texture is in fact a compromise between a flat painted wall and the popcorn model. This method is rather difficult and is not easily done by the average homeowner.

Drywall Taping Metal Corners

After installing drywall in a room and taping/bedding the straight joints and seams, you've now reached the point for installing drywall taping metal corners. Most pros say that for the inside corners of a wall, metal corners are not necessary. But outside corners endure much more wear and tear during the lifetime of a wall, so it's a good idea to reinforce them with some type of extra material to support and strengthen them.

How to Install Corner Bead

If you're new to hanging drywall and its subsequent taping and bedding, you may not know about corner bead. Corner bead is a slender metal (galvanized steel or aluminum) or plastic strip that covers the outside corner of a wall. Most pros advise against plastic corner bead due to its propensity to crack or break at some point during installation or maybe in the future.