Easy Way to Remove Wallpaper

Planning to redecorate your house? You have always tried to give it a new look by swapping your furniture here and there, but this time you want to add to totally different spice. The best thing for you to do then is to change your paint or the wallpaper. It is not as difficult to remove old wallpapers from the wall, but the job can get terribly messy as it progresses. If you are looking for an easy way to remove wallpaper the tips mentioned below are a must see for you.

The tips and Tricks

You can either peel your wallpaper off carefully by finding a seam at the sides. If you pull gently, the vinyl coating and the backing with come off leaving only the paste and some residue on the wall.

At first you should always try to tear it when it is dry. If you succeed in doing so you can save yourself a great deal of labour. In some cases the whole thing might come off leaving only the paste and some residue while other times the paper backing may still lay stuck to the wall, which need some effort to remove.

The Steamer Method

You can rent a wallpaper steamer, which works by sending piped steam to a piece of flat metallic plate. When the metal plate is pressed in the wall, it transmits the steam to the wallpaper and thus the paper softens and the paste mashes. The paper can then be easily stripped with the help of a putty knife.

The steaming is not advisable for all sorts of walls. For example, the steam can spoil the paper-faced wallboards, which haven’t been properly sealed before the wallpapering. The walls that are only coated with sizing and don’t offer paint protection, are vulnerable to the steamer method. The sizing only allows the wallpapers to stick without providing protection of any other type. These walls can opt to go for the chemical based method.

The Chemical Based Method

The chemical based method uses certain chemical reagents used together with hot water. The enzyme in the chemical percolates into the paper and mashes the paste. The process is a little lengthier than the steamer but it is very effective and does the least damage to the walls.

The enzyme in the spray reacts chemically with the paste and loosens it. The spray should be kept what way; moist with water until finally the paper loosens enough to be scrapped off.

These sprayers are called wallpaper strippers and are applied with the help of sprayers. For very small spray jobs, small triggered sprays are used while for spraying entire rooms garden sprayers are required. The chemical based method can get very messy.

Therefore it is advisable that you cover up the floors with cloth under a layer of newspapers so that they can soak up the extra spray. The newspapers should be replaced periodically as more wastes collect on them. If your wallpaper is made from vinyl, then you have to tear off the entire vinyl face manually from the wall since the vinyl does not absorb both the steamer and the stripper properly.

Low Cost Techniques

If you don’t wish to spend on machine rentals or on expensive chemicals, you can try using a hard wire brush. The wire brush can be used carefully to scratch the wallpaper but you should make sure that you don’t scratch so hard as it might damage the wall.

Once you have removed the paper you can use hot water to remove the paper residues. Then remove the remaining paste with some soap or detergent in the hot water and apply to the paste till it gets soft. Then it can be removed using a scrapper. Although this method can be painstaking, it saves a lot of cost and does the less harm to your walls if carried out carefully.

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