Epoxy Basement Floor Paint

Waterproofing your basement is an absolute must if you have one today. The worsening climates and weather conditions makes it an essential part of any alterations you make to your basement. Whether you are renovating your home from top to bottom or even altering the basement so you can use the extra space in your home, waterproofing is an absolute necessity. There are various paints and hardeners you can use to achieve this effect, of which epoxy basement floor paint is just one.

The Properties Of Epoxy

Epoxy is in fact a thermosetting epoxide polymer that is also known as polyepoxide. It can be used in many forms including adhesive, paint and hardeners around the home. All forms tend to have different properties because it is a multipurpose chemical in its original resin form. However, in the case of epoxy basement floor paint it has specific qualities that enable it to serve its purpose.

Epoxy basement floor paint is used to seal, harden and waterproof basement floors. Basements are renowned for flooding and allowing damp into the house but this paint can actually be used to prevent that happening. Epoxy basement floor paint is an effective sealant because it will seep into the cement or stone and forms a waterproof barrier against moisture as soon as it is dry. It will also serve to harden the floor by setting as a resin rather than as a paint and that gives it a greater degree of stability that will help it to stand the test of time against the elements.

Epoxy basement floor paint also offers a degree of protection against fire as it is flame resistant. This function is boosted by the fact that it is actually ideal for use with walls as well as floors and can be used on stone, wood, concrete and any other similar type of material.

As well as being fireproof, its waterproofing abilities are second to none. Epoxy paint is commonly used to seal swimming pools and if it can prevent that much water from leaking through then it will more than likely do the same for your basement. Epoxy basement floor paint is therefore the ideal substance to suit all of your needs/

The Aesthetic Value Of Epoxy Basement Floor Paint

Epoxy basement floor paint is ideal for use within the home because of its functionality but that does not mean that it will not enhance the aesthetic appearance of a basement as well. Certain brands that incorporate epoxy resin into their paints actually produce it in a variety of colours.

As a result, you can effectively protect your basement as well as enhancing its aesthetic appeal. If you do wish to turn your basement into an inhabitable space then you could do far worse than using epoxy basement floor paint. Most other sealants only serve on specific function without regard for looks!

Epoxy basement floor paint can be applied with ease and sets within a few hours so the job could feasibly be done in a day. It can be applied to surfaces that have previously been painted or sealed. It also withstands most chemicals and so is extremely hard to breach.

In short, epoxy basement floor paint is the ideal choice of all in one for your basement, whatever your use it for. Fire resistant and water resistant, it will stay in place long after redecoration or renovation is complete.