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Porcelain Tiles Being InstalledPorcelain tiles are the choice for many home renovators because of their durability. A correctly installed porcelain tile bathroom will last longer because porcelain is harder and denser than most ceramic products, so it resists damage from harsh cleaning agents, scratches, stains, and fading. It also comes in an infinite variety of colors and textures and is very low maintenance.

Efflorescence on grout is a white powdery feathery deposit, caused by salts dissolving in moisture retained by the grout and finding their way to the surface. The deposit can appear as splotches or a white crust all over the grout surface. The minerals that form the salts can be present in the grout itself or the water that was used to mix it; the salts are invariably sulfates or carbonates. Although unsightly efflorescence can initially be easily removed by brushing it off with a fairly stiff brush.

Returning Grout Efflorescence

Grout is the cement mixture you see in the joints between ceramic or stone tiles. It is made from Portland cement and when it is dry, it is literally as hard as a rock. In some cases, however, this grout needs to be removed. Por ejemplo, sometimes it cracks or mildews and looks unsightly and you would like to replace it.

One of the most difficult problems facing homeowners that are remodeling their homes is how to place tile grout in the extra wide joints between tiles to make the project look attractive and complete the project correctly. Grouting extra wide joints is often one of the last steps to be completed in a home improvement project and a sloppy or incorrect job in grouting extra wide joints has the ability to ruin the rest of the project.

It is important to know how to regrout bathroom tile. One of the quickest methods to give your bathroom a new look is to regrout bathroom tile. The basic process for regrouting bathroom tile is to power grind the old grout and replace with new grout. This is a process that virtually any homeowner can do. You will love how the new bathroom looks after you have completed regrouting bathroom tile.


The first step in the process for how to regrout shower tile is to sand down the old grout. You can use a handy sander to do this or even do it by hand.

You may have decided the tiles in your home don’t need to be replaced but the grout is old and dingy. Do it yourself re-grouting is a process that takes time but it isn’t very expensive. It is a great way to touch up some areas of your home including the tiles in your entryway or those in your shower.