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Whether you’ve just installed new kitchen or bathroom countertops or are renovating old ones, using a countertop edge molding creatively could just give it that truly individual flair you’ve been looking for.

The whole point about using a countertop edge molding is that by the very nature of it being a molding, you can make it fit into any design you desire. Your first decision needs to be whether the edge molding color will be a complement or a contrast to the countertop it will be used on. This is of course a matter of personal preference, but your decision might be influenced by the second decision you need to make; will the molding have a pattern to it or be plain?

Green Countertops

Countertops are one of the first things that homeowners think about when planning a kitchen renovation, and with good reason; they are one the most used and visible surfaces in the room.

Over half of all countertops in homes are made of laminate formica, as well, so there is a lot of room for improvement. Especially for environmentally conscious do-it-yourselfers, who should be concerned about the formaldehyde contained in the pressboard that such laminates are mounted on.

Slate is a naturally occurring rock and slate tile kitchen countertops are an ideal option to consider if you’re building a new kitchen just now.

Slate is technically classified as a metamorphic rock, which means it has been formed and hardened at high temperatures and pressures within the earth’s crust, which obviously makes it a highly durable and resistant surface for a kitchen countertop.

While slate is a durable material, being made of compressed layers it splits easily along the planes of the layers. For kitchen countertops this works to the favor of the person installing the slate tiles as each split slate has a perfectly flat surface.

Colors for Slate Countertops

Soapstone Counters

Every homeowner that is or wants to renovate his or her kitchen will have an idea as to what it should look like when finished. In many cases, this includes beautiful replacement countertops that really frame the rest of the work done in addition to providing a strong and resistant sideboard on which to cook and have fun with friends. This is just one reason why soapstone countertops have become so popular in recent years.

 Granite Bathroom CountertopIf you want a beautiful top end bathroom, and can afford a little luxury, granite bathroom countertops may be what you are looking for. They may not be the most inexpensive alternative, but if you are looking for a natural stone look, granite is probably the most durable and easiest to maintain of the natural stone choices.

It is quite possible to install a plastic laminate countertop of good quality using only a chisel, file, saw and block plane tool, but a few simple tools added to this can make the job much easier and quicker.

A knife with a carbide tip blade makes a great tool for cutting laminate countertop sheets. Here’s how:

  • Lay a long straightedge on the plastic laminate sheet where you want to trim it. The straightedge should lay on the side of the sheet you want to keep, so if the knife runs off line it won’t ruin the sheet