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Cork is the outer bark of the cork oak tree. One of the unique characteristics of cork is that its bark can be stripped away without harming the tree. This makes cork a renewable resource.

The first stripping occurs after approximately 20 years after the cork oak sapling has been planted. Then the bark is harvested approximately every nine to ten years until the tree reaches 200 years old.

Cork flooring is made from the bark, grinded, processed and baked in a kiln in the form of sheets. It is then cut into tiles which are used as flooring.

Embossing Leveler

Embossing leveller is a mortar-like compound used for preparing a resilient surface such as vinyl peel and stick tiles to function as an underlayment for new floor covering. It is intended to minimize the effects of any depressions, seams, or raised texture in the old floor on the newer floor covering’s appearance as well as to provide a stable base for adhesion.

If you don't use the embossing leveler to fill in patterns in the existing floor covering, particularly when installing vinyl over vinyl, the old pattern will show right through.

Engineered Wood Floor

relaxing on the floorAn engineered wood floor, often referred to as an engineered hardwood floor, is made of several layers of wood glued together with an upper outside layer of hardwood to keep up appearances. The inner layers can be composed of hardwoods, plywood, or high density fiber (HDF). Different types of engineered wood flooring can have varying numbers of layers depending on the type and brand. The outside showing layer can be about any type of hardwood a consumer could desire.


Teak is renowned among woodworkers for its high resistance to salt water and deterioration. It is for this reason that it is used on ship’s decks and makes a great material for residential entryway floors.

Teak wood has a high oil content, particularly Burmese teak, and this is what gives it its good deterioration resistance.

On the other hand, the same quality is what gives it poor adherence for finishes, since the wood’s natural oils prevent finishes like varnishes, urethanes and Swedish finishes from banding to the wood easily. That is why preparation of teak wood flooring before finishing is more time consuming than other woods.

Swedish Finish

Non Slip Coating

Have you been interested in non slip coating for the floor in your garage or workshop, but don’t know what to use? We will help you make a choice. There are a variety of non slip coatings available on the market today. We will discuss and compare the more popular alternatives so you can pick which one is best for your unique situation.


Cork Tiles

CorkCork is made from ground up outer bark of the Cork Oak. It is considered an environmentally friendly product. Cork Oak has two layers of bark, the 2nd outer layer is for protection and can be removed without harming the tree. The inside layer becomes the outer layer and is then removed in the next harvest. Many other trees will die if their bark is removed. The Cork Oak should not be confused with the “cork trees“. The Cork Oak is the only one used for the production of cork.