Evaporative Air Conditioning

Nowadays, evaporative air conditioning is the most efficient method of home cooling. The main advantage of evaporative air conditioning is the fact that it provides healthy and clean fresh air in each room. This new system of home cooling combines two ingredients that are almost incompatible; health and efficiency.

While the traditional air conditioning methods of the old generation provide fresh air, but also health troubles, the new generation evaporative air conditioning does not bring such troubles to the human body.

Refrigerated Versus Evaporative Air Conditioning

There are many differences between the refrigerated and evaporative air conditioners and the main difference concerns the quality of the provided air. The refrigerated air conditioners use the recirculation of stale air, while the evaporating air conditioners provide clean natural fresh filtered air.

Another difference regards the costs and again the evaporative air conditioning has some advantages; lower costs in the installation process and minimal maintenance, while in the case of refrigerated air conditioning, the installation costs are higher and the maintenance may require cleaning the filters.

In the case of refrigerated air conditioning the doors and windows should be kept closed so that higher efficiency may be achieved. The evaporative air conditioning is not conditioned by these aspects and the clean air pushes the stale air outside the house, avoiding the recirculation of the stale air.

The special installation of the evaporative air conditioning cools all the rooms of your house at the same time, while the refrigerated air conditioning works only in several rooms at the same time.

The new evaporative air conditioning is benefic for kids, elderly people and even for those who suffer from asthma. In the case of refrigerated air conditioners, we may mention negative effects, as they remove moisture form air, causing the dryness of skin, eyes and even plants. In other words, the natural balance of the air is upset and the effects are far from being positive.

The refrigerated system uses or recycles the same air, having carbon dioxide emissions. Evaporative air conditioning provides healthy, dust-free, fresh air with carbon dioxide emission much lower than in the case of refrigerated systems. The fresh air in your home is constantly provided by the evaporative air conditioners about every two minutes.

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