Exterior French Patio Doors

Exterior French patio doors are a great way to add some elegance to your home as well as the functionality to move in and out of the patio area. Exterior French patio doors will need to have enough room in order to open the doors either into the interior of the home or out to the patio side. In addition to functionality, the doors will help bring light into the interior of the home.

The panes that are included in exterior French patio doors lend a decorative feel to the home, bringing in the warmth of the sunlight from the outdoors to the interior of the home. You can also add decorative window treatments to match the other windows in the home to block out light when desired and to add privacy to the home. You can also get different types of glass that will let light filter into the room but will give privacy as well so people can not look into the home.

Exterior French patio doors can be made from wood or metal and vary in price depending on how elaborate a style you choose. The classic look in exterior French patio doors is a wood finish. You can choose from many different grains and finishes depending on the style of your home and personal preference. Exterior French patio doors come in oak, poplar, cherry, walnut, hickory, and ash as well as other types of woods. Exterior French patio doors also come in a variety of styles.

If you have a classic simple home, you can choose a smooth wood with a solid finish that does not have a lot of ornate decorations. For a modern home, you may choose to have a painted wood look to match your decor. For more ornate homes, you can choose elaborate finishes and molding on the doors to enhance the rich feel of the home decor.

Traditional designs of exterior French patio doors five rows of glass and two columns divided by wood slats for a total of fifteen panes of glass. However, you can also get variations of this theme nowadays so you can get the type of exterior French patio doors that best suit your personal style.

The cost of exterior French patio doors will depend on the size, brand and style. If you choose a well known name brand with ornate woodworking and beveled or etched glass, you will pay more than simple lines and fewer panes of glass. You can find exterior French patio doors at home improvement stores, stores, interior design stores or specialty stores that carry doors. You can also shop online for exterior French patio doors to get the precise model you want.

Taking proper measurements is essential in fitting the door properly. If you can afford to get the exterior French patio doors installed, it is best to have the installer measure the door themselves for the best possible fit. If you want to install the exterior French patio doors yourself, though, you should have another person available to assist you and be familiar with hanging doors.

You may have to alter the drywall or cut a larger hole in order for the doors to fit. If you are uncomfortable with this practice, you may want to go ahead and pay for the installer to put the exterior French patio doors in. For a small fee, they will be able to ensure a great fit in a timely manner. Most manufacturers will include installation in a price quote.

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