Exterior Vinyl Shutter

A magnificent addition to any home is the purchase of an exterior vinyl shutter. By adding a colorful and decorative exterior vinyl shutter, you will create a whole new look and feel to your home. Some of the different styles available in an exterior vinyl shutter include Louvered, Raised Panel, Combined Panel and Louvered, Board and Batten, Customized, Arched Tops, and Double Panel.

Exterior Vinyl Shutter Style Choices

A louver is a window or door covering that is fitted with either fixed or moveable slots. This style choice in an exterior vinyl shutter is simple and elegant. It consists of similar sized slots throughout the shutter and comes in an array of colors and individual style options.

You can order samples from a company before making your final purchasing decision. This is the best way to make sure that you are purchasing the shutter of your choice. Always inquire about receiving samples of the products that you are interested in. Along with the Louver style exterior vinyl shutter you can customize it and have a different top, or even combine the lover and a panel.

Raised and Combined Panels are another option available for those who are choosing an exterior vinyl shutter. Your paneled shutter may consist of one panel, two, or even three (similar sized panels on the top and bottom with a smaller panel in the middle). These raised and combined panel shutters are a wonderful compliment for Colonial homes, Manor styled homes, and country cottages.

A Board and Batten Exterior Vinyl Shutter is a great choice for those who have a New England styled home or lakefront cabin. They look great on beachfront property and will add a down home rustic charm to every dwelling.


To complete and compliment your home's new exterior look, consider adding accessories to your exterior vinyl shutter. Some of the most popular and eye pleasing accessories include window arches and panels for the top of your window. These come in the same styles and color options as your vinyl shutters.

Not all exterior vinyl shutters and accessories are paintable, so if you think that you may want to paint them in the future, you should check with the manufacturer and purchase the paintable kind. As always, check the warranties and guarantees pertaining to your product of choice before making your final purchase.

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