Fake Electric Fireplaces

Movie technology finds its way into the home to provide warmth and comfort. A fake electric fireplace is a special effect that will fool anyone at first glance, but if you inspect one more closely, you will see the smoke and mirrors that are used to create this superb little item that does its job physically and psychologically.

The fake electric fireplace has come a long way from the kitsch units they used to be, and various models are being installed in the most upmarket homes without a thought spared for counterfeit delusions. Some fake electric fireplaces are so realistic looking that they trick even experienced gas fireplace installers.

No Chimney Required

What makes a fake electric fireplace so nifty is that it can be installed in a basement or an apartment 35 floors up and not require a real chimney. There are no installation costs, there will be no holes cut into the wall, no need for gas piping, and no calling an electrician for costly wiring alterations.

Move into your chic inner city residence and simply bring your fireplace with you. A mantelpiece and charming surrounds can be purchased along with the fireplace unit itself. Arrange your sofas towards the glowing embers and you have a focal point that emits warmth and attracts attention in the most positive way.

You can use a fake electric fireplace year round. On an unexpectedly chilly day in the middle of spring, you can come home, flick a switch and have a crackling log fire within ten minutes; no sooty hands, no splinters and no inconvenience. Operating at less than 200 watts, your central cooling system will not be compromised by any extra load.

Fake electric fireplaces do not operate at high heat so close proximity of shelves, television sets and furniture do not present a problem. They require virtually no ongoing maintenance which makes them perfect for people with busy lifestyles. For those with children, the hazards of being burnt when the littlies are around are significantly reduced because the fireplace can be used to warm the space when the child is absent and turned off when she is around. Cool down is more rapid than it would be with a genuine log fire or wood heater.

Fuel resources are not unlimited in this world. A fake electric fireplace utilizes far less electricity than a regular space heater and eliminates the need for gas, coal, propane or oil. The only drawbacks, it seems, are that the fake electric fireplace does not enjoy the same longevity as other units and repair costs are high in the event of it needing attention. However, as more and more models are bought by consumers, the lower the costs will become for maintenance and repair.

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