How to Install a Sink Faucet

Bath and kitchen faucets are relatively straightforward to install and replace. Making sure you have the right size faucet for your sink is the key.

You need to know the exact measurement between the two holes in your sink that the hot and cold faucet stems protrude through. They are standardized, but come in many configurations.

So what you want to do is remove the faucet (if doing a replacement) and take a measurement of the distance between the centers of the two faucet-stem cutouts. You can also take the old faucet to the store for comparison.

The steps for installing your new faucet go like this:

    1. Shut off the water supply valves, usually located under the sink.

    2. Optional step for older sinks: to enable you more room to work on rusty, tight nuts, consider removing the entire sink before you tackle the faucets. You will need to remove the U-shaped waste pipe as well as the water supply-tubes.

    3. Get underneath the faucet and use a basin wrench (also called faucet wrench) to remove the nuts that hold the water supply tubes to the faucets.

    4. Also using the basin wrench, remove the big locknuts on the faucet valves or any faucet to sink mounting bolts.

    5. Remove faucet from sink. Clean up any old putty or gasket debris from the sink top.

    6. Assemble your new faucet, following the instructions that came with it.

    7. To the underside of the body of the faucet, apply plumbers putty or install the gaskets that came with the faucet per the instructions.

    8. Locate the faucet in the sink.

    9. Working underneath the sink, hand-thread washers and locknuts onto the faucet inlet shanks.

    10. Reconnect water supply lines to the faucet stems and tighten the nuts using a basin wrench.

    11. Turn the sink's water shutoff valve back on.

The exact procedure will vary from faucet type to faucet type. Needless to say, the procedure to install a wall mounted faucet for a shower or a bath tub faucet is a little trickier, but basically the same.

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