Faucets: Features and Fashions

If you happen to be redecorating a kitchen or bathroom, you'll have a wide variety of features and styles available when you shop for faucets. You can choose from ultra sleek modern designs or vintage reproductions, and everything in between.

You'll have a choice of finishes, too, for many products. For instance, the Kingsley line of bathroom fixtures from Moen can be purchased in 5 different finishes. You can choose from chrome, brushed nickel, antique nickel, wrought iron (black), or oil-rubbed bronze. These classic style faucets would look great in a refurbished older country home.

Vintage Look Faucets

Danze produces vintage looking faucets in these finishes, and adds antique copper as a choice on some of their old-fashioned faucets. Their Melrose line contains elegant single handle faucets with a sleek modern look. The brushed nickel finish is particularly elegant.

For best results, if you choose accessories to complement your faucets, get them from the same company so that the finish will match perfectly. Peerless, Delta and Kohler are three other widely available brands, but there are many others as well.

Kitchen faucets should be chosen with function in mind. Will the faucet streamline cooking and cleaning up afterward? Choose one with features that will fit your own lifestyle. Would you be more likely to use a side sprayer for rinsing, or would you like the sprayer that pulls out from the main faucet?

Faucets that feature a high neck are becoming more popular. These are useful for filling large pots with water, as in cooking pasta, and are, in fact, called pot fillers. Another decision is whether you want a compression faucet (with washers) or a washerless faucet. Washerless faucets cost more, but last longer and require less maintenance.

Faucet Handle Types

Another choice to make when choosing any faucet is whether you want one with a single handle or double handles. A single handle is easy to use when your hands are full, but offers a little less control over temperature. You might find that single handle faucets work better in the kitchen while dual handle faucets are more appropriate in the bathroom sinks.

Dual handle faucets are more likely to have a vintage look while single handle faucets look more modern. Faucets are also designed to be mounted in different ways. A neat vintage look in the kitchen is to have a wall mounted faucet.