Faux Finishing Tools

Do it yourselfers who are looking for a way to start customizing their home interior with a simple hands on project often choose to purchase a set of faux finishing tools, and with good reason. Faux finishing tools are generally quite inexpensive, and because it is easy to create a variety of effects with the same repertoire of techniques, the investment that goes into buying a set of stencils, brushes, sponges, and other materials usually pays off very well in the long run.

As you become more of an expert in the faux finishing process and increase your palette of textures and techniques, you will be able to use the same faux finishing tools over and over again on projects that range from spicing up a chair with a few lively stencils for a classic American look to giving a whole room a makeover that infuses your home with the spirit of the Tuscan countryside. A high quality set of faux finishing tools will grow with your abilities, so when you do make a purchase, choose an item that will last.

The basic faux finishing tools:


Different sizes and types of these three basic items can give you wildly different effects. Everyone who works with faux finishes has their own unique preferences for what kind of materials they get the best results with, so it is a good idea to get to know your own working style before you spend a lot of money. Otherwise, you run the risk of wasting money on a shiny new set of brushes only to discover that your painter's eye is better suited to working with sponges.

By building up your stock of your preferred kind of applicators slowly and deliberately, you will eventually find that everything you need for future projects is on hand, but there is rarely any advantage to buying a wide range of tools that you won't necessarily use. In general, it is a good idea to purchase only what you need for a given project rather than buying a large set of faux finishing tools that you may not ever use but will need to store indefinitely.

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