Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

If you want a rustic look in your home, you can always add tin ceiling tiles. This gives a lovely look to the area and brings warmth. However, tin ceiling tiles can be very expensive so many people are opting for faux tin ceiling tiles. Faux tin ceiling tiles will give the look of the real thing at a fraction of the price.

Faux tin ceiling tiles are a great way to decorate a room to add warmth and luxury to your room. They go especially well against wood or brick work. It draws the eye up and also adds a bit of sparkle to the room. A dull, lifeless room can become warm and inviting with the addition of faux ceiling tiles.

The faux tin ceiling tiles mimic the look of the authentic, antique ones but are actually made from recycled paper. Since they are made from paper, they are a lot less heavy and allow for a much easier installation than the real ones. Installation of the faux tin ceiling tiles is fairly easy. They come with tongue in groove sides so the tiles fit together easily.

You can get a good adhesive that is recommended for use with the tiles in order to secure the tiles to the ceiling. You can redo the entire ceiling with square tiles or you can add accents to light fixtures or ceiling fans by using medallions. This adds a nice accent without having to redo the entire ceiling.

The best way to install the faux tin ceiling tiles is to sketch out the exact measurements using a computer program designed for such things or graph paper. You should work from the center out to the walls so you have as many whole pieces as possible.

When getting to the edge, it is better to measure out half tiles or even tiles all the way around the room instead of having one wall with cut tiles. You want to have a nice symmetrical look to the ceiling that you will not get if you have one wall with slivers of tiles.

You can then determine how many tiles will be needed and which ones may need to be cut to fit. Purchase the amount of tiles you will need from a dealer. You can find faux tin ceiling tiles online, in home improvement stores and in decorating centers.

When your tiles arrive or you get them home, make sure you inspect each box to ensure all the tiles are undamaged. It is advisable not to wait until the last minute to do this because you do not want to have to run back and forth to the distributor mid job.

Mark the ceiling using the grid you designed as a pattern. This will ensure you have a nice even layout of the faux tin ceiling tiles. Install the first row of tiles across the ceiling, using the adhesive per the instructions included and making sure you do not slide the ceiling tiles out of place.

Then start on the next rows, continuing until you are finished. You should work evenly, alternating rows from one side to the other. Once the faux ceiling tiles are completely installed, you will need to wait until the adhesive is completely cured which typically takes approximately twenty four hours.

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