Faux Wall Finishes

Curious about faux wall finishes? In some countries and cultures, people have always considered walls as part of the decor and have come up with some pretty inventive ways to make them as interesting as the rest of the living environment. One way that people have enlivened their walls today is to apply faux wall finishes.

Becoming More and More Popular

For centuries, walls in American homes however have been covered in flat, uninspiring plaster or paints while interior decorators placed emphasis on sprucing up the environment with pillows, pictures, plants, and more. Only recently have Americans caught a case of the "faux wall finishes" fever.

Faux wall finishes are growing in popularity not only because they add interest, but also because they bring a touch of history into the home.

Historical Phenomenon

Faux wall finishes are basically imitations of old-time wall finishes and they attempt to emulate the look of homes found in old Italy or Rome. In this time period, home walls looked aged and they varied in color and texture. This time-weathered look gives a home or rooms a story to tell and it's the new fashion among home decorators all over the country.

History is flavored with all kinds of different "colors" and faux wall finishes emphasize this by giving walls a visual means to tell that story. From soft fades to bold markings, one can easily drift off into their own thoughts just by gazing at a room's surroundings.

The trick in applying faux wall finishes is making them look as if they have a story to tell. This is easily accomplished by using several different colors on a single wall.

Are Faux Wall Finishes for You

If faux wall finishes interest you (and we can't think of one good reason why they shouldn't), you can learn more about them by viewing recent home decorating magazines. They aren't hard to create at all and with the proper approach, they're even fun to apply.

Applying faux wall finishes really isn't that different from creating a work of abstract art. Like the abstract artist, you'll prepare your wall (like the artist prepares her canvas), select your colors, dab on some plaster, and smooth your paints into a pattern that pleases you.

For extra "eye-candy," you can even add a little texture to the surface by using unconventional tools to apply your faux wall finishes. You're only limited by your imagination.

Your only requirement is an open mind and a desire for change - a break from constancy, routine, and a lack of variety.

People Out There to Help You

Being a little nervous about applying this look to your own home is to be expected - especially if you're used to decorating your walls with traditional paint. Faux wall finishes after all, are a bit more complicated than rolling on a few coats of a single-colored paint. Fortunately, there are professionals who can come in and apply them for you. And they enjoy doing it!

The important thing is that you work to create an environment that is uniquely yours. Faux wall finishes will do that and make your environment more appealing at the same time. They give your home a story to tell and they help to create a space that you can enjoy being in.

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