Fence Post Driver

Many DIY jobs around the home have the potential to send you off to the doctors office with an aching back. Doing it yourself is supposed to be satisfying and fulfilling, however if you cannot stand back and look at your handiwork without falling in a heap due to pain, is it all worth it?

Do not be a martyr when building a fence; employ the right kinds of tools that can help prevent personal injury. A fence post driver is an essential item that you can easily rent from a tool hire company, or even purchase for a reasonable sum, particularly if you find a used one. Used in tandem with a post hole borer, fence post drivers save you time and save your back.

If you are planning to hire a fence post driver, have all your building materials assembled, and your plans for the construction on hand as well. Determine how many posts you will need to drive into the ground, and calculate roughly how long each one will take.

While you are at it, you can calculate how much time you will save compared with how long it would take you to dig the holes and drive the posts in by hand.

Reserve the tools in advance so that you can pick them up from the hire company when it opens on the morning of the day you intend to use them. Your hire company representative will be able to instruct you on how to use the tools.

Fence post drivers are available in hydraulic and non-mechanical models. Naturally, you would only hire a hydraulic one if you were doing a very large job, as the expense may otherwise be unjustifiable. The non-mechanical units are quite simple to use, and very effective for the job they are required to do.

Setting Posts

After digging the hole, it is a matter of standing the post up, sliding the driver over the top and then, using the handles, lifting and dropping the driver onto the post to force it into the ground.

Soft, loose earth is ideal for this process, but if the soil is compacted, or if rocks or debris are present, you may need to dig deeper as the post will not be able to be driven in far enough.

Rental costs for non-mechanical fence post drivers are very reasonable and you may even be able to score a bargain on ebay. Whatever you do, do not exert yourself unnecessarily by trying to drive the posts in without assistance.

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