Picket Fence Styles

Almost everyone dreams of choosing a picket fence style that adds value and beauty to their home property. People associate this type of fencing with old-fashioned charm and a love for traditional, family-type living. Depending on the type of architectural design your home encompasses, picket fence styles exist to complement it. Your desire for privacy also dictates what type picket fence styles would be most suitable for your home, widely spaced pickets or those set snuggly next to one another.

Concave, convex, scalloped along the top or straight-edged , the choice is yours in suitable picket fence styles. Many times people choose to mirror regional or local architectural predilections.

Sometimes the homeowner's budget dictates what type picket fence styles are viable. What matters most when choosing picket fence styles is that you work within the parameters of what you can afford and with materials readily available.

Since vinyl made its mark on picket fence styles, bear in mind that whatever design you choose that is available in wood most likely also comes offered in that labor saving material.

Picket fence styles made from vinyl often carry lifetime warranties, but sometimes their pricing approaches nearly twice the price of the same thing in wood. But when painting a wood picket fence, you must also consider the up-to-70-cents-per-foot cost of that, as well.

Picket fence styles come usually in shorter heights than those of other fence styles, such as the classic privacy fence. Commonly topping out at four feet, a picket fence sometimes can be as short as three feet or smaller with the pickets generally running about three-and-a-half inches wide.

Pointed gothic and tucked-at-the-neck French gothic tops define most picket fence styles, with dog-eared and flat-topped pickets gaining popularity in some areas. You can complement any of these tops by selecting matching posts, or you can set standard posts as simple structural accoutrements.

The caps perform the job as the finishing touch. These come plain with a simple square top or to enhance Victorian, gothic, French gothic, or any of the other picket fence styles on the market.

Whichever of the picket fence styles you choose, you are sure to be pleased. They do invoke images of quaint, old-fashioned architecture and simpler, easier times. So go ahead and take the plunge. You will be glad you looked into the various picket fence styles, whatever type you decide upon.