Fiberglass Swimming Pools

For the homeowner with little time to wait and little patience for tedious maintenance, having a pool built can seem a daunting task. But for that same homeowner, purchasing a fiberglass swimming pool may seem like a dream come true.

Thanks to the ABC show "Extreme Home Makeover", fiberglass swimming pools are becoming more popular. Often the "makeover" of the home's backyard includes adding a pool, but since there's a time constraint of only one week, the show often features the installation of fiberglass swimming pools.


A fiberglass swimming pool, a one-piece unit that is dropped directly into an excavated spot, is usually made of a molded shell composed of fiberglass. Some are a mix of fiberglass and other materials like concrete. Just like with a traditional built-in pool, there are lots of sizes and shapes to choose from when purchasing a fiberglass swimming pool.

Because the fiberglass pool is simply dropped into the ground, installation is a whole lot easier and faster than with a regular in-ground pool. Generally once the site is dug and ready, the pool is delivered and dropped - by excavator -- into the waiting site. Your new fiberglass swimming pool can be ready for splash time within 2 weeks.

Fiberglass Pool Maintenance

Once your pool is set in, pool maintenance is a dream. Gone are the long afternoons spent sweeping the pool and adding chemicals. With a fiberglass swimming pool, you can spend the afternoon swimming instead of cleaning. The fiberglass finish is non-porous, helping to combat algae growth and making it hard for dirt and debris to latch on. That means less sweeping time for you.

Because the fiberglass swimming pools are easier to keep clean, they also require fewer chemicals to keep them clean. This will save you money and time. Although the purchase of the fiberglass pool is usually equal to a traditional built-in pool, experts believe that over the life of the pool, you'll save money since there are fewer chemicals to purchase and routine cleaning to do.

In addition, fiberglass is extremely durable, there's no liner to replace, and it never needs resurfacing. That will surely save some money over time.

A backyard swimming pool in San Diego

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