Filtex Central Vacuum

The Filtex central vacuum was introduced in 1960 in Los Angeles, and has been a favorite in homes, businesses and hotels for decades. The various heads available and the efficient motor used make the Filtex central vacuum a versatile and powerful way of giving your carpet a thorough clean without disturbing the neighbors with a typical vacuum noise. There are various sizes and styles to fit every lifestyle and budget, and you can find a Filtex central vacuum wherever quality appliances are sold.

One of the advantages of using a central vacuum is that heads can be replaced on the hose so you can clean surfaces where large all-in-one vacuum cleaners cannot reach. The advantage of the Filtex central vacuum in particular is that it motor and replaceable heads are tested and guaranteed for long life and efficient service.

A Filtex central vacuum set consists of a crush proof 360 degree swivel hose, a metal tube and various brushes, including a fabric brush, a roller brush, a horsehair brush, a 14 inch swivel floor brush and a crevice tool. There are also two additional plastic wands included in the set. The roller brush has 360 degree convergent bristles and lasts 800 hours (the typical roller brush lasts only 50-250 hours.

The motor of the Filtex central vacuum is a high quality and uses the latest technology to guarantee long life and an efficient cleaning. If the setting is not correct, the motor transmission and belt are protected from overload that can cause wear and tear. The motor automatically shuts off when the brush is reset, and turns back on quite easily.

The Filtex central vacuum, unlike many other vacuum cleaner, does its job in relative quiet thanks to the 13 piece foam and rubber insulator that reduces noise. There is less vibration than in other vacuums because of Filtex sealed ball bearings.

The secret to the long life of a Filtex central vacuum (the warrantee is usually 5 to 10 years) is that it uses less power than a typical vacuum. However, the cleaning is done even more efficiently because of its sophisticated design. The motor is also designed to reduce heat buildup which can ultimately damage the machine and to maximize airflow.