Finished Basement Ideas

Finished Basement IdeaIf you have a basement and need more living space, these finished basement ideas are for you. Finishing the basement is about as good as adding on a room, but you probably won't even have to get a building permit. (But check with the authorities anyway, just in case.) Implementing these finished basement ideas will add value and comfort to your home.

Basements sometimes have big problems that have to be overcome in order to carry out any finished basement ideas. You don't want your new recreation room filling up with water every time it rains! If flooding is a problem, you may need to call in a professional to apply waterproofing to the foundation. Or you might just need to clean out the gutters.

If you don't have a water problem, then you're probably already formulating your own finished basement ideas. Maybe you'd like to use that space for a kids' play room. It's great for insulating the rest of the house from noise. It's a good place to set up a fitness room, too. There should be space for weight lifting equipment, a treadmill, and a DVD player for work-out videos.

Finished basement ideas differ from remodeling in the rest of the house because you have to think of factors like lighting, humidity, and architectural elements. Plan on painting the walls a light airy color and installing bright lighting. Is there a furnace for central heat in the area you wish to finish? Consider building a wall around it to hide it. For convenience, put a door in the wall for accessing the furnace.

Including adequate ventilation should be part of your finished basement ideas. Poor ventilation can contribute to high humidity, which in turn can cause mold and mildew to grow. In addition to installing vents or windows for cross ventilation, you might want to place a dehumidifier in the basement.

If there is room, you might want to create an apartment for your aging parents or college-aged children. This is one of the more elaborate of the finished basement ideas, since it will require the addition of plumbing for a kitchenette and a bathroom. By paying attention to the lighting, dampness, and ventilation, you can create a nice livable space in the basement.

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