Fireplace Mantel Tips

The fireplace mantel serves many purposes; it frames the fireplace, provides a perfect place to show off family pictures and treasures, and is the center point of any room decoration. There are many types of fireplace mantels available, all depending on the theme and style of your house. When deciding to purchase a mantel, remember there may not be a store nearby and online might be easier.

You can get a fireplace mantel in all different places, like the middle of the wall or off in a corner. There are even media storage mantels so that you can store things like DVDs or CDs. After deciding where the mantel is going to go, you must know how you want it made, for example, you can get a mantel in oak, mahogany, antique white, oak, or even one that is hand painted. If you don’t like wood, you can get a fireplace mantel in marble or stone, or even porcelain, gold, silver and other metal types.

Most fireplace mantels are between 10 and 20 inches deep. By themselves they are not that nice looking, but you can add to their beauty with accessories. Many people use mantel shelves, usually made of wood or stone that are very easy to install. Shelves like this are available in many different styles and are usually made in antique white, oak, cherry, or dark pine. Mantel legs are another option and are made in the same wood or stone as the mantel shelves. Legs can be custom-made in order to fit the exact height.

Decorating Ideas

Perhaps you aren’t in the market for a new fireplace mantel. Many people redecorate their home and their existing mantel doesn’t match the room decor any longer. Did you know that are kits you can buy to redecorate your mantel all by yourself? If you aren’t comfortable doing it, you can get a professional to do so for you. Choose from all types of materials such as chrome, copper, stainless steel, wood, tile, stone, or many others.

Fireplace mantels increase the beauty and quality of your home. There are many different choices to make when choosing a fireplace mantel for your home. There are many different makes, models, and styles, but don’t settle for less than the perfect one because you will have to see it every single day.

Detail of Colonial Mantel,  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Detail of Colonial Mantel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania