Fish Pond Kits

If you dream of having a garden pond, but dread the research involved in creating one, fish pond kits offer an all-in-one solution. While there are different types of kits on the market, each is designed to simplify the business of installing an backyard pool that sustains fish. When you buy a kit, about the only things you don't get are the water and the fish!

Fish pond kits can be a bit pricey. For a small garden pool only 4 feet in diameter, you could spend up to $800 or more for a kit. This kit, however, will probably contain a fountain or waterfall, either of which improves the health of the pool by adding oxygen. It will probably also include a pump with all necessary hoses, along with a high quality filter system. These expensive kits often include testing equipment for monitoring the health of your pond.

A small pond like the one described above would be suitable for smaller, hardy fish like goldfish. While goldfish are beautiful, many people are setting up ponds for keeping koi. These fish require a larger pool. If you want to keep koi, you will have to shop the larger fish pond kits. Of course, you'll expect to pay more, too.

In addition to pump and filter, pond kits also include liner and underlayment. The underlayment is a durable material to lay beneath the pond liner. It cushions the liner so that it is less likely to be punctured by rocks or roots.

Pond kits sometimes include equipment for adding lights to your pool, too. A skimmer is usually added as well, which makes cleaning the surface of the fish pond much more convenient.

There are less expensive fish pond kits on the market, but they won't have every item included. They are a good place to start, however. A simpler kit for a small pond will probably cost around $200. It may include, in addition to the pond liner, a pump that forces water up into a fountain. Hoses and tubing are included, as well as all needed instructions. It probably will not include underlayment material, lights, or water quality test kits.

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