Flagstone Landscaping Ideas

Flagstone is such a beautiful, versatile material that it is no wonder that there are plenty of flagstone landscaping ideas available. You can get flagstone landscaping ideas for your patio, your walkway, and your garden.

Out of the many flagstone landscaping ideas, one of the most popular is a patio that is created with flagstone pieces that come in different shapes and sizes. This design is often called crazy paving.

To make the patio, you will need crushed stone to create a foundation layer, sand or mortar mix, flagstone, and a chisel or a wet saw. First, you will need to level the ground in the area where you want to make your patio. Next, spread a two to six inch layer of crushed stone. This helps prevent weeds from pushing up between the flagstone pieces and keeps the patio stones from heaving during the winter.

Now comes the fun part. Lay out your flagstone pieces on the patio area. You will probably need to cut some of the pieces to get them to fit together properly. Once you have a fairly close fit, you can either brush sand or dry mortar between the pieces. Dry mortar will form a permanent bond, while stones with sand between them may need to be reset each spring.

Other flagstone landscaping ideas for the patio include leaving gaps in the patio and then planting the gaps with moss or low growing groundcover or designing a patio with flagstone on the outer edges and an elaborate mosaic in the middle.

There is something almost magical about strolling down a flagstone path through a garden. Flagstone landscaping ideas for walkways include simple stepping stone paths or crazy paving paths. If you are using flagstone to create a path to your front door, you should consider a solid crazy paving walkway.

After all, it can be hard enough to get your groceries from the car to the kitchen without having to worry about stepping from stone to stone. Stepping stone paths work well in lower traffic areas or areas where you would like people to slow down so that they take the time to enjoy your flower beds.