Vinyl Flooring Tile

There are many types of vinyl flooring tile with many different prices and qualities. In this article we will discuss some of the properties of different vinyl flooring tile, evaluate the costs of different brands and make some recommendations for your next vinyl flooring tile project.

Self Stick Tiles

For the average do-it-yourself person, we recommend using self stick, peel and stick vinyl flooring tiles. They come in a variety of thicknesses ranging from .045 to .125 inches thick. The thicker the tile, the higher the quality and the stronger they will be.

Care and Maintenance of Bamboo Flooring

Carry, do not drag the furniture to be placed in the rooms with your bamboo flooring. Make sure to place felt or rubber pads beneath each furniture or chair leg. This will protect the floor from scratches when moving furniture, and from dents caused by the weight of your furniture. Replace these pads periodically. Wheels should have a hard plastic caster of at least 2” in width to prevent damage from occurring.

High Traffic Areas

How to Stain Maple Flooring

Maple flooring Staining maple flooring is one of the hardest methods in which to achieve uniform coloring. The extremely tight cellular structure and inconsistent grain patterns inherent in maple floor planks make uneven staining and a “blotchy” appearance commonplace. In fact the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association does not recommend staining or bleaching of maple flooring under any circumstance.

How is Bamboo Flooring Made?

 Bamboo Forest in Hakone Gardens, Saratoga, California Bamboo is one of the strongest building materials and understanding how bamboo flooring is made will help the consumer choose the best type of flooring for their needs.

Care of Floating Floors

Taking care of floating floors is not hard, but it is something that everyone must keep in mind when they are choosing this type of flooring. If the proper care is not taken with this type of flooring, it could become damaged, which would result in new flooring being needed.

It is important to follow some easy steps to keep the floor in like new condition. Besides normal sweeping and vacuuming, you will want to address the type of cleaners to use as well as what to do for spills and what to do with your furnishings.