Drying Out a Concrete Floor

So you have had a water mishap? Do you need to be drying out a concrete floor? This is a situation many people find themselves facing, being the victims of a natural catastrophe or simply a plumbing malfunction. This is what recently happened to me and I will share the experience here with you.

In our home, we had carpeting in the three bedrooms, four closets, and one short hallway. The other floors were existing or freshly laid (by me) ceramic tile. Well, to make a long story short, I drove up to the house one day after picking up my daughter from third grade school.

What is Travertine Tile

travertine tile on the Gettty Centre buildingTravertine tile is a form of limestone also referred to as Calcium Carbonate. It comes about when minerals are dissolved in ground water and then wind up above ground after being transported by natural springs and rivers. It is an increasingly popular material to use for flooring, as cladding for buildings, on countertops and on walls.

Harks Back to Ancient Times

Laying a Vinyl Floor

Vinyl flooring is sometimes seen as the poor man’s alternative to gorgeous luxuries such as slate, marble and hardwoods. However, this material has more to offer and is just perfect for some people who, aside from budget considerations, have other reasons to choose a less ‘finicky’ flooring solution. For starters, properties that will be rented to tenants needn’t have a fortune spent on the floors. Laying a vinyl floor is perfectly adequate and a wonderful way to revitalize the interior of a tired old house.

Floating Floor Basics

laying a floating floorIt sounds like something from a carousel. The words “floating floor” sound like you may need to get a grip on something that doesn’t move, just to make your way across it. Nothing so exotic is in place here.

A floating floor is one that is not attached directly to the room’s sub-floor. A layer of underlay is installed between the sub-floor and wood floor and then tongue-and-groove planks are glued together and laid on top of the underlay.

11 great reasons to choose floating floors

Fixing Subfloors

A subfloor is designed as the foundation for a floor in any given building and even if you do not know it, you have a subfloor in your home this very minute. The subfloor of your home is on the ground level and caps the foundations to provide support for the rest of the house. It actively supports the walls and structure of your home, and so it is no wonder that maintaining and fixing subfloors is required every now and again to repair any damage done to it. However, there is one complaint associated with a subfloor that is more common than any other one.