Craft Room Flooring Ideas

Repairing Plywood Flooring Mould DamageIf you have a separate room to use for a craft room, lucky you! Here is a chance to let your imagination run wild as you decorate. Color, light, and personality can shine in this hard-working part of your home. Walls are generally taken up with shelving, paintings, or bulletin board space, so they are easy, but what are you going to do with the floors?

Subfloor Insulation

Today managing an energy efficient home is extremely important. Not only does the average homeowner have to consider his or her carbon footprint but also the level of energy bills given that a lot of heat is lost through inefficient or a lack of insulation. If you happen to have a carpet on your floors then you are helping to keep your energy bills low without even knowing it.

Repairing Plywood Flooring Mould Damage

Repairing Plywood Flooring Mould DamageMould on your plywood flooring is not just unattractive; it can be dangerous to the health and well being of your family as well. While not all mould is toxic, many varieties can aggravate health conditions such as asthma and allergies and can sicken the people in the home especially children, seniors, and individuals that have a weakened immune system.

Sanding Parquet Flooring In 3 Easy Steps

Keeping parquet flooring looking brand new is not difficult if you are willing to do some preventative and general maintenance on the flooring. One of the most important maintenance issues that should be undertaken is sanding parquet flooring to remove scuffs and scratches and restore the beauty of the flooring.

Sanding parquet flooring is not difficult if a few basic directions are followed and in the end, you will have beautiful parquet flooring that you can be proud of.

Before You Begin

How to Restore Antique Hardwood Floor

I always think it’s a great shame when people overlay a beautiful old and possibly antique hardwood floor with a modern laminate one, rather than making the effort to restore the original floor. To restore antique hardwood floor boards can be as simple as just giving them a thorough clean and re-polishing; or it could mean carrying out some remedial work on the floor-boards themselves. However, as a DIY home enthusiast they’re jobs that are well within your capability.

Cleaning Antique Hardwood Floor