Vinyl Flooring Underlayment Tips

Vinyl tile or sheet flooring is often used in bathroom and kitchen applications, typically over a plywood underlayment. A composition type board will expand when wet, so these are not recommended for use in these areas, where there is moisture and humidity. Instead, the underlayment should be of 5/8 inch thick plywood, sanded and plugged, which is made for underlayment.


Underlayment for Laminate Flooring

Finishing Laminate FlooringApart from having a good sound base to install a laminate floor on to, you should also use the correct underlayment for the type of sub-floor, or base, and laminate flooring that you’re using. If you’re buying your laminate flooring online chances are you’ll also buy the underlayment online too. Once you know the type of underlayment you need it’s tempting to search around for the cheapest that you can get.

Removing Linoleum From a Floor

Whether you’re giving your own home a make-over or if you’re moving to a new home; you’ll probably want top remove any old linoleum floor coverings. Whether you then replace it with a hardwood floor, stone tiles, carpet or another linoleum covering is a matter of choice for you. Linoleum does make a very hygienic floor surface as it is so easy to clean. However, before fitting the new/replacement floor covering you really must remove any existing linoleum.

Installing a Granite Floor

Installing a granite floor can add character to a home whether in a modern building, to create a ‘different’ look and feel; or in an older building to restore it to it’s original flooring material.

Being cut from an igneous rock, tiles or slabs of granite are extremely hard wearing and have a very low porosity - making a granite floor a great option for a bathroom, kitchen or utility area. Granite tiles and slabs are available in a variety of colors and tones according to the minerals and conditions that formed the Granite.

Preparation for Granite Floor Installation

Durock Subflooring

Durock is an inexpensive subflooring for ceramic tiles. It is made from cement; more specifically, aggregated portland cement board reinforced with polymer coated fiberglass mesh. It is thin but durable sub flooring that is used when the finished floor is going to be ceramic or some other kind of tile, and used frequently in bathrooms especially because it is durable and waterproof.