Best Type of Subfloor For Your Project

Before laying down the flooring for the room you’re working on, it’s absolutely important that you install the correct subfloor first. But what the best type of subfloor might be for one room isn’t necessarily the right type of subfloor for another – it all hinges on what kind of flooring your project entails.

Not only does the subfloor have to work with the flooring to protect it from moisture, but it needs to be able to support the floor as well. The thickness of your subfloor will depend on the construction design of your home, which will be indicated in the house plans.

Subfloor and Ceramic

Travertine Flooring Ideas

One way of making your home standout in style is using Travertine flooring, this style of flooring will work virtually everywhere in your home and the designs and styles are numerous which also makes it very versatile. The ranges of flooring are numerous and finding the perfect design to fit in with your decor is easy, however if you want to totally change your decor and try something new here are some Travertine flooring ideas you might not have considered.

If you are new to Travertine flooring you can also find helpful tips and advice on the flooring to get your creative mind flowing.

How to Remove a Subfloor

Under every floor in your home is a subfloor that supports the main flooring that you walk around on each and every day. There are times that it becomes necessary to remove the subflooring in your home either to make repairs or to completely remodel a room. There are several options for removing a subfloor depending on the type of material and the depth of the home project that you are undertaking. Here are some tips on how to remove a subfloor.

Removal of the Main Flooring

Slate Tile Flooring Underlayment

Slate tile flooring is a natural stone flooring that looks wonderful in homes and is a durable flooring option. Many homeowners are turning to slate flooring to increase the value of their homes and as an alternative to other flooring such as ceramic tiling or even hardwood floors.

Using Tackless Carpet Cement

Many homeowners who want to turn a garage or basement into an extra bedroom have to decide what flooring treatment they want to install. Carpet is the simplest and least expensive solution, and tackless installation is ideal because the carpet can be removed easily if the bedroom is no longer needed. However, redoing a basement or garage probably means installing the carpet over concrete. Using tackless carpet cement to fasten down the tackless strips and the padding will make the job easier.

Floor Prep