Replacing Subfloors

In the lives of many homeowners, there comes a time that you will be replacing subfloors in your home. There are some handy tips that you can follow for replacing subfloors in your house to make the entire process easier. The subfloors are the areas underneath your regular flooring that you see on a day to day basis.

Trafficmaster Wood Floor

One very popular flooring material found in many homes today is Trafficmaster wood floors. Do you want the beauty of hardwood floor products in your home? A Trafficmaster wood floor is an option that many homeowners are selecting because they are so versatile and easy to assemble.

This is a home project that can increase the value of your home and dramatically change your room. In fact, many people are electing to place a Trafficmaster wood floor in several of their rooms.

Subflooring for Carpet

One of the great things about carpet is its versatility. It can be installed in almost all locations. If you have doubts about the subflooring for carpet, don't worry; this is rarely a problem. Since carpet should be installed with padding between the carpet and the subflooring, many surface irregularities rendered unnoticeable.

Refinishing a Parquet Floor

Parquet floors are stylish and beautiful and if properly finished with polyurethane and maintained regularly, they will remain in good shape for a long while. But at some point they will require a face lift. At this point the homeowner needs to know about the options for refinishing a parquet floor.

Special Considerations for Refinishing a Parquet Floor

Acid Staining Concrete Floor

If you want to attempt acid staining, concrete floor appearance will change from what now looks like a plain, dull job to an incredible, leather-look flooring with caramel accents. Whether your concrete floor was newly laid or if you’ve wondered for years how to possibly make it presentable, acid staining is your perfect solution.

Caution: Acid Staining Mixtures Contain Corrosive Acid Liquids.